TikTok Sues US Government After Approving Law Considering Its Ban

BTN News: The measure, which shook the world of social networks, marks a new chapter in the conflict between the platform and US authorities.
The popular video site TikTok has taken legal action against the United States government after passing a bill that could have banned the country if its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, did not divest.

The complaint was filed in the Washington Circuit Court of Appeals, and it is said that it represents a violation of constitutional provisions regarding freedom of expression, such as published by the television network NBC News.

“For the first time in history, Congress has passed a law that places a single domain name chat platform in a nationwide ban and prevents all Americans from participating in a single online community. with more than 1,000 million users worldwide,” it read. the document presented by the company.

Furthermore, he argued that citing national security concerns is not a valid reason to “protect” free speech.

After the law was approved amid the belief that the Chinese government could use the application to spread advertising among 170 million American users, ByteDance expressed its intention to cancel to all legal reforms before considering any form of divestment if the ban on TikTok becomes law.

As the lawsuit moves through the courts, the uncertainty about TikTok’s future in the United States increases. Currently, millions of platform users are closely watching the development of this legal report that could change the nature of the technology industry and define the nature of the government’s regulatory authority over the Internet business.

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