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Bright Time News is a professional news website. They are New India’s growing news websites and deliver daily national, international, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, and business news. Bright Times News is a trusted source for the latest Indian and global affairs. Our leading journalists write our reports and articles. Our primary desire is to supply you with more accurate and timely information so that you may keep informed about all the newest and breaking news.

It is our endeavor that we should first inform you about the happenings in the country and the world so that you can stay updated with every news.

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Our Mission

Bright time news is a site dedicated to providing users with quality content. The primary objective is to supply you with 100% original and safe Content that will offer you a smoother online experience. The content provided on our website is 100% original and safe material. Our mission is to provide our users with an improved online experience by making it easier and safer for them to give the most updated information about current events. We hope that this will allow us to provide more benefits to the general public. Depending on what a user is searching for, Bright Time News has both regional as well as global coverage on various topics which are continuously used by people like you every day. For all types of people, we have Many categories of news everyone!

Our Service?

Bright Time News is a News Media Website. We are mainly focused on the New and the latest topic category and provide news-related content to our Viewers. Our company also covers a variety of other categories like Entertainment, Education, Sports, Technology, etc.

Bright Time News is a new media website that specializes in the News category. We provide News-related content and try to provide it on daily basis. Furthermore, we have realized that there are many people who are interested in News but are not aware of every day’s happenings. On our website Bright Times News, you can find all news-related information. And we realize that many people love to stay updated daily and want to know what happens even happening around the world or just in nearby countries which greatly influences their decision-making process exchanges programs.

Our Core teams

Vishnu Kumar Soni (Chief Editor)

Vishnu is a first-generation Entrepreneur he holds Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s in Computer Application From NIIT. He is passionate about Technology and Business Development

At Bright Time News, he leads a team of News Editor, Development, and Software Developer

Abhishek Katiyar (Sub Chief Editor)

Abhishek holds Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from Jagran Institute Of Management & Mass Communication (JIMMC), Noida. He had three years of experience in journalism. He is passionate about his work

Prashant Gupta (News Writer)

Prashant holds Bachelor’s degree in Science from CSJMU – Chandan writes news for Bright Time News. He is the author at Bright Times News. He has 2-years experience in News Writing.

Sneha Soni (News Writer)

Sneha holds Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from CSJMU. She had 1-year of experience in news editing.

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