Fish rain in Iran: Shocking pictures and why this phenomenon happens

BTN News: In recent days, some surreal images have gone viral on the web: a kind of shower of fish in Iran. In the videos that circulate before the astonished eyes of the Iranians present, we see how numerous fish fall from the sky, falling to the ground.

Specifically, the event took place in Yasuj in the Boyer Ahmed district in the southwest of the country. Dominican meteorological analyst Jean Suriel, who has more than 250,000 followers on the social network X / Twitter, shared those images and offered an explanation for such a striking phenomenon.

According to this expert, “water discharge formed in the Persian Gulf, which sucked the surface fish into the atmosphere”. Then “rising gusts of wind kept the fish in clouds for several minutes, after which they were flung into an Iranian-populated area” and caused a curious scene that went viral around the world

The rain of animals in the world

Also, as Suriel mentions, this kind of “extraordinary phenomenon” has already happened in different parts of the planet at other times. A famous place for this is Yoro in Honduras where it sometimes rains up to four times a year according to some testimonies some experts theories also talk about water discharge, although not scientifically proven, and the sea is more than 70 kilometers away which are far to attribute religious explanations go on, and they go back to the prayer of a 19th century Spanish priest who asked God for a miracle in the form of Honduran food

We have experienced similar phenomena in our country, although in this case we have to talk about frog rain, like in the movie Magnolia. In 2007, it was in El Reboledo (Alicante), where hundreds of small frogs fell from the sky after being driven through the air by a tornado.

But we can go much further back in time to find evidence for such an event. In 1848, a rain of fish reportedly shocked Londoners, and long before more than fifteen reports of raining animals were recorded in America in the 19th century, similar alleged events were mentioned in ancient Egypt in the Middle Ages.

Throughout history, some have tried to find answers about the supernatural. American researcher and author Charles Fort came up with the idea more than a century ago that space-time anomalies or remnants of an ancient force capable of moving the elements instantly resulted in the animals coming a long way from another dimension or some kind of “celestial warehouse”. His curious ideas and treatment of such phenomena have led many to refer to animal rain as “Fortean rain.”

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