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You will get a discount on paying the electricity bill! How to get it?

Bright Times News: Now many people are working from home. As a result, AC or TV is running extra time. A laptop or desktop is also running for a long time. As a result, the electricity bill is coming many times. As a result, the electricity bill is very high. But you can get a lot of discounts if you especially pay the electricity bill.

WBSEDCL sends electricity bills every three months. Bills are sent to customers’ homes and can be viewed online. As a result of sending bills for three months at a time, the thumbprint of bills is much higher. However, there is also the benefit of submitting the bill every month. Many people can pay the bill separately for three months. In that case, there is not much pressure on the electricity bill.

You can directly go to the electricity board office and deposit the bill. Or it is also possible to deposit the bill online. In that case, specifically, all facilities are provided by WBSEDCL. Through that, you can also get a huge discount on the electricity bill. Get detailed information through this report.

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Currently, there are multiple apps. It is also possible to deposit electricity bills through several websites. In that case, a discount is given if the electricity bill is submitted online. Apart from its website, WBSEDCL also has several great apps. Names like Google Pay, Paytm, Amazon Pay-etc. You will also get a discount if you pay your electricity bill through these apps. Because different offers are given through these apps throughout the year.

WBSEDCL Website- WBSEDCL has its website. The web address is You can also pay the electricity bill through this. In that case, no extra charge is required. Instead, if you pay online then you will get a 1 percent discount for it. That is, if a family’s electricity bill comes to 10 thousand rupees, then paying the bill will get a discount of 100 rupees.

To make a payment through the WBSEDCL website, you must first register online. However, it is possible to make Paytm payment shout registration. In that case, you have to pay the bill through the Quick Pay option on the website.

Paytm App – You can also submit your electricity bill through this app. In that case, it is possible to get some discounts. It is possible to get various rewards besides cash back by submitting an electricity bill as per the information given in the Paytm app.

Amazon Pay – This is a popular UPI app. This also allows you to make payments very easily. In this, as also no additional cost has to be incurred. Instead, cashback rewards are given on behalf of Amazon Payment.

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