Thursday, March 23, 2023
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World’s Most Powerful Passport, Indian Passport from 90th to 87th India


Bright Times News: The passport ranking of different countries has been published. Japan, Singapore, and South Korea topped the ranking as the strongest passports. Several countries including Pakistan were included in the list of weak passports.

In the list compared to the last time, the passport of India moved up three places to 87th place. Japan, South Korea, and Singapore are the top three on the list of strongest passports in the world in 2022. The 2022 passport list was released on Wednesday. In addition to Pakistan, the list of weak passports includes the names of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Henry Passport Index publishes passport rankings for the first three months of 2022. And in this list, India has done slightly better than in 2021. India was last ranked at number 90onn the list. India’s position is 87th, rising three places this year.

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The main reason behind Japan’s top spot on the list is the ease of entry to 193 countries around the world with a Japanese passport. Japan is followed by Singapore and South Korea. This was stated by the expert committee of Henley and Partners, which surveyed sports ranking.

Russia is 50th in the passport ranking. According to the organization, one can easily enter 119 countries of the world with a Russian passport. Besides, Beijing is ranked 69th for easy access to 80 countries with a Chinese passport. However, Afghanistan tops the list of least useful passports. The study mentions that the Afghan passport is valid in only 27 countries of the world.

Christian Kalin, chairman of the expert committee at Henley & Partners, said the study was conducted severally of issues in mind, including restoring freedom of travel and migration.

Asian countries in the top ten according to the 2017 Passport Index started to gain momentum. The dominance of European countries continues to decline. According to the passport index, Germany is now behind South Korea. Britain ranks sixth for ease of access out of 187 countries. America ranks seventh for ease of access out of 186 countries.

As in 2021, the Henley Passport Index did not take into account restrictions and travel restrictions due to Covid when compiling the latest list. The ranking is based on the freedom of travel for ordinary passport holders. The ranking is based on data from the International Air Transport Association.

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