Monday, March 27, 2023
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Women and minorities make history in US election


Photo: AFP.

The United States held midterm elections on Tuesday that will define control of Congress, even with an uncertain outcome, in which diverse minorities managed to make history and capture places they’ve never been .

After knowing that the Democrats Maura Haley will become governor of Massachusetts, first openly gay in the United States, it was revealed that She will also be the first female governor of Arkansas.

LA Republican Sarah Huckabee SandersThe former White House press secretary during the Donald Trump administration will lead the state, which her father previously carried for 10 years.

At the same time, fellow Republican Leslie Routledge It will have a lieutenant governor (they are elected here on separate ballots).

Arkansas and Massachusetts There will be only states that have, For the first time, the governor and lieutenant governor.

a marylandwhat’s more, Democrat Wes Moorebe an ex-army veteran first black governor of the state And third in the country.

A careful report on the CNN network site sheds light on Alabama It has never had an elected senator, as the two women who previously held the seats went on to fill the vacancies.

Now, if the conjectures are confirmed, Republican Katie Britt will reach a bench Won the election and would replace Richard Shelby.

Maura Healy Photo Afp
Maura Haley / Photo: AFP.

Democrat Alex Padilla – Son of Immigrants– First Latino on track to be elected senator in california, She is already serving the term of Vice President Kamala Harris, but has now earned the right to serve a full 6-year term.

me too CaliforniaThe Democrat Rob Bonta will be the first Filipino-American attorney general, Born in the Philippines and arriving in the US as a child, Bonta has held the position since last year replacing President Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary Javier Becerra.

whereas, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, DemocratAleheritage from peruit will be First LGBTQ immigrant elected to Congress.

among youth, The so-called “Generation Z” Born after 1996 – joined Congress Democrat Maxwell Frost, 25represent Florida, He will go to the House of Representatives in place of Val Demings, who is going to the Senate.

In Illinois, Delia Ramirez, democratic and daughter of guatemala immigrantsShe would be the first Latina elected to Congress from that state.

In addition to being a future black governor, I Maryland lieutenant governor’s chair goes to Aruna Miller, first Asian-American In that square

to Congress MichiganMeanwhile, toThe first American Indian Democrat Mr. Thanedar will have a coupand democratic too Cathy Hochul will be the first elected governor of New York. For 4 years now, after taking office following the resignation of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

d ohio peacock New record woman will come, because marci hood, democrat won his 21st term for the House of Representatives.

On a bench since 1982, she is already the longest-serving woman in House history, but will now break the record held by Barbara Mikulski, who represented Maryland in the House and Senate for 40 years .

oklahoma contribute to the republic Markwen Mullin, representative of the Cherokee Nation. The background dates back to Democrat Robert Owen, also a member of the Cherokee Nation, who was a senator from 1907 to 1925.

Josh Shapiro, Governor-elect PennsylvaniaWill happen one number two blackFirst in the history of the state: Democrat Austin Davis He will switch his position in the local chamber for the state’s second seat.

In In the state legislature, Democrat Summer Lee will be the first black woman to be elected to a seat.

At the same time, Vermont It will no longer be the only state that has never had a woman as a representative in the National Congress, as it will now head to Washington Democrat Becca Balint, a teacher and the first LGTBQ person elected in the state.

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