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With Amparo, Nayarit returns to mayor’s office and avoids arrest


TEPIC, Nay., Dec. 12 (EL UNIVERSAL).- After winning the amparo, Mayor Jose Luis Tovar of Tuxpan, Nayarit, who was fired in August for alleged acts of corruption, will return to his post this Monday Succeeded and survived it. The State Prosecutor’s Office executes an arrest warrant against him.

Arriving in the municipality after being in hiding for several months, Tovar accused the municipal controller, Alfredo González, and the deputy mayor, Aaron Osegueda, of leading an administrative struggle leading to criminal proceedings simply out of ambition.

With the protection of security already given to him, he indicated that he preferred to go to jail and show his face as if he were a criminal.

Last August, following a complaint by the Municipal Comptroller before the Executive Secretariat of the Nayarit Local Anti-Corruption System (SESLN), the State Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation file against the mayor for having relatives in important positions within the municipal structure. was accused of. Charging tenants unreasonable fees, withholding money from a server’s payroll to later move it to another location, as well as asking City Council employees to perform tasks of a personal nature.

According to the complaint, one of the brothers of the mayor’s wife carried out preventive works, collection of fines and security works without formally holding public office.

In this case, the prosecutor’s office is also investigating two Tuxpan councilmen, the mayor’s wife and one of his brothers; Furthermore, following the dismissal of the mayor, the state government took over control of public safety in the municipality.

Tovar was considered a fugitive by state authorities until last week, as prosecutor Petronillo Diaz Ponce Medrano assured that an arrest warrant against the mayor was still in force.

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