Monday, March 20, 2023
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Why “human language” Cubans are waiting for America?

What started well for Cuban and other countries’ approach to the “humanitarian rhetoric” of the Joe Biden administration has now taken longer than expected. If they were allowed five or six days before they were allowed to go to the United States, some of them waited months for a hearing and their case was not resolved.

On this matter, Miami television station, Univision 23, recently addressed why this is happening, its consequences and the complaints of those affected by “time is money” politics, which will likely run into next June 12 The trial of 20 Republicans against Vishwas begins.

Although sponsorship from the United States has already been approved, hundreds of Cubans and Venezuelans have announced they will repeatedly allow their partner or family member to opt out of the trip or leave for 30 days And nothing is known about the reaction. ,

“At the same time, it is uncertain when it will happen, because it is not fatal, that is, they do not say that in three weeks or two months,” said Jorge Rodriguez, a sponsor and waiting . Cuban relatives.

US extension of terms to Cuba

Reports indicate that the families are distraught as they fear the plan being scrapped while waiting for a reply. The first stages are usually fast, but they are now allowed to travel to the northern lands.

“Everything was sent correctly and since I expected to be allowed to fly forty-three days from today,” said Beatriz Fernandez, who benefited from parole but is still on the island waiting for the above permit.

Another Cuban said that “one of my two girls received an automatic travel permit, but my other girl and I were still waiting, we’ve been waiting thirty days for travel permits.”

One fear is that the permit is given for 90 days and during that time you will have to travel to the US. What do you do if one person accepts a donation and the other does not? Miami lawyers believe these delays are due to the fact that US officials review beneficiaries’ backgrounds more than once.

“For people in Cuba and Venezuela, the time is much longer than that, we still have some tests that come within a week, but in many cases they exceed 90 days,” the expert said.

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