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Who is Marilyse Lyon, who has been called to replace Laurent Berger as head of the CFDT at the end of June?

At the forefront, in particular, on issues of labor and the environment, the first Deputy Secretary General of the French Union should become the second woman to lead it, more than twenty years after Nicole Notat.

Two major French trade union organizations will soon be led by women, While the 13th day of mobilization against pension reform takes place on Monday 1 May at the call of the Inter-Union, the current leader of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, has already announced on 19 April that he will leave his post. Head of CFDT on 21st June. As head of the organization since 2012, the 54-year-old trade unionist had already declared during the CFDT Congress in June 2022 that he would step down during his term. He appointed a successor from 2018, Marilyse Leon, as Deputy Secretary-General, whose name has not yet been approved by the national office. She will become the second woman to lead the CFDT, just 20 years after Nicole Notat (1992–2002). And it’s three months after the election, in late March, Sophie Binet as the new Secretary General of the CGT.

Born in 1976, this Finistère, who grew up in Le Mans (Sarthe) and Angers (Maine-et-Loire), holds a DESS in Chemistry. In particular, she devoted her early career to environmental safety issues in business, and discovered social dialogue by becoming an employee representative at a consulting firm, concerning the telegram, In 2003, he was recruited by the CFDT’s chemical-energy federation to provide training to workers on technical risks, following the explosion of the AZF factory in Toulouse.

After a first mandate within the union in 2008, she was elected National Secretary in charge of industrial issues in 2014. Then she became the Deputy General Secretary of CFDT in 2018 and was re-elected in 2022. In recent years, she has particularly mobilized against unemployment insurance reforms, of which she was the negotiator for the union.

A great negotiator, at the forefront of his files

“He is dynamic, he has a strong understanding of the world of work (…) He is appreciated within the home, he is close to the people, the human being”praised Laurent Berger in an interview with monday (article member) Has been published on 19 April. “Her arrival as head of the union has been well received as she devotes a lot of time to the workers, she is known for the teams”I also assure Franceinfo Catherine Nave-Bekhti, Secretary General of SJN-CFDT. “He’s an extremely dynamic, empathetic person with a great sense of humour”, union officials tell “her fierceness” at “His firmness in conversation”.

Opinion shared by officials of other organizations. “She’s firm on her values, what she is and what she represents. But she also knows how to find the right words, the right compromises, the right synthesis, politically, in the inter-union, so that everyone gets their account.” could find. there”francinfo congratulate Dominique Corona, Deputy Secretary-General of UNSA. “CFDT unionism and Solidarity unionism are different, but for all of them, there is the ability to have an honest discussion with Marillis which is very pleasant.General Simon Dutil, co-representative of the Solidaires trade union, also noted. I really appreciate his ability to listen openly without prejudice.

Even employers and former politicians praise the professional qualities of the future CFDT number one. “Marillies Leon is strict, demanding and rational, without dogma. She knows how to listen and recognize when her interlocutor is right”hands over Parisian Antoine Fauchet, former director of the cabinet of former labor minister Muriel Pénicoud.

“With him, it’s not trench warfare”awarded by Figaro (article member) CPME Vice President, Eric Chevy. “She is very much in line with the image of the CFDT. She is a trade unionist with a compromise and not a compromise.” “A good trade unionist is not necessarily an easy one, especially in conversation”briefly with Marilis Leone for her part WireIn 2019.

feminism and the environment

In addition to industrial and work-related issues, Marillis Lyon has also taken a keen interest in environmental issues. She is the author of articles on the subject and also oversees the CFDT, The Power to Live, a coalition of 65 organizations working for the convergence of ecological, social and democratic questions. “We want to make realistic and concrete proposals for a socially just ecological transition”Explained Interested Party in March 2022 in an interview with the La Fonda site.

At the last CFDT Congress, Marilis Leon also did “Let’s talk about engagement” survey, A reflection on new forms of activism, related Overview about a year ago. he picked up again “Obstacles to Trade Unionism Functioning, Remnants of Sexism, Ego Conflicts” and he believed that everyone, especially young people, should be able “Get your place even without taking the union mandate”.

This running fan doesn’t hide his feminist beliefs. he specially attended On relay night, a race held to raise money against violence against women. From the end of June, it will take over from another event: the fight for pensions. Despite her new duties, she should not be too confused because in recent months, along with Laurent Berger, she has already participated in negotiations with the government.

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