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What Time Is The Chivas Vs. America Today for Saturday’s Mexico Classic

The passion of Mexican football in one match! especially the conflict liga mx, shivaz Vs AmericaIt was held today, Saturday at 18 cal. The popular Clásico Nacional will experience its 247th edition, where it will try to bring back the place that “Aguilas” has held in its favor in its history. In the following lines, we will tell you that not only from Mexico, but also in the United States, where both teams have a great power of fans, and also in the rest of Latin America, there is time to fight in the gym. Also check out how the two teams compete and ticket prices. Pay great attention!Where to watch America’s Open TV Broadcasting System vs. Chivas and the National Classic

What time is Chivas vs America National Classic?

The main match of Matchday 12 of the 2023 Clausura tournament, Chivas vs He America is coming am central mexicoRemember the first Liga MX match you can watch broadcast on Open TV via Azteca Radio and Channel 5 Televisa.

Chivas vs. America: schedule in the United States and North America

America: 11:05 PM (ET) – 10:05 PM (CT) – 8:05 PM (PT).Central America: 9:05 p.m.Peru, Colombia and Ecuador: 22:05 hoursArgentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile; Sunday at 00:05.

More about National Classic vs. America

For 3 weeks, Chivas de Guadalajara has raised the price of tickets for the national classic game against América this Saturday, March 18, as they promote the promotion, which will take place next week in the games of Santos, América and Nexa is included. The price of this offer for 3 games was 1,025 pesos, the cheapest and most expensive in the Club Chivas section at 9,000 pesos, which, however, could not take advantage of such an offer, which was taken by the Chivas team, now they will have. Paying for tickets range from 2,700 pesos for the cheapest ticket to 11,500 pesos for the most expensive ticket, so they will have to pay a significant amount to be able to attend this Saturday night’s National Classic in Poson . Let’s remember that Chivas. Puebla is fourth in the table with 21 points, despite losing last weekend against the visitors. For their part, America achieved a big win against Tigre in their trip to Nuevo León and thanks to the 0–2, they were able to climb to fifth place in the table with 20 units, thus winning against Chivas. Places them directly in the fixation area. Among the 4 heads in the tournament.

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