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What happened to Married at First Sight’s Caroline?

candidate symbol for the sixth season of married at first sight, Caroline made a name for herself for her behavior on the show and for settling scores on Instagram at the time of the broadcast. As Season 7 is in full swing, find out what it becomes.

In 2022, m 6 aired the sixth season of the reality television program married at first sight, In this new season, a 30-year-old young woman named Caroline Sauzot participates in the TV show. Mother of a young boy named Loup-Gabriel, and sensitive to nature and animal causes, she decided to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle after traveling to Italy to learn the language. If Caroline does take part in the show, it is to meet someone she can build a life with as a couple and she hopes to come across an environmentally sensitive person like herself. In short a beautiful love story to live. The show’s experts then find her to have an 80% love compatibility with Axl. A young man living in the Savoyard Mountains. So the match seems perfect for him.

Just then, on the wedding day, Caroline is too uncomfortable in front of the cameras and doesn’t have the expected crush on her boyfriend. on the site of tele-vacationShe returned to her first impressions: “When I discovered Axel, I was disappointed. It’s hard to say so (laughs). It’s terrible, because at that moment I am very disappointed not only physically, but also when I meet his eyes Even he doesn’t. Nothing is happening from my side. I don’t feel any connection. At the same time, I don’t want to show it to him, because I immediately see that he is very happy and it’s time for me to break it. Terrible is his delirium.” A moment that will be etched in their memory forever “one of the worst of his life”, For his part, his mother Nathalie did not hesitate to criticize Alex’s physique on social networks. Words that were not appreciated by the people of MAPR at all. “I carry my daughter’s future disappointment. When she comes, she will be disappointed. I feel sorry for her. When they call me a “witch”, it’s me, it’s totally me. Women independent Well, it’s scary. Let’s just say I’m a good witch”said Caroline’s mother.

During the broadcast of the sixth season, Young did not hesitate to settle accounts with the production, denouncing a false montage passed to her. “Somebody Crazy”,

carolina from the show married at first sight – © M6

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Caroline’s life after the TV show married at first sight

since the end of the filming of the show married at first sight, Caroline returned to her home at Villargaudin in the Hautes-Alpes. The vegan mom has found her 18 dogs, her animals and her 3.5-year-old son, Loup-Gabriel. In an interview, she admitted to being separated from the father of her little boy during her pregnancy. Loup-Gabriel’s parents would be in good shape today if their son’s birth had been complicated with the latter’s father.

Very present on social networks, especially in Instagram (@ La Vie Végane de Caroline), she shares her daily life: her vegan travels, her commitment to animal protection, her concept of spontaneous parenthood, her second hand Breed clothes and their vegetarian dishes at home. Still on her Instagram account, the young mother said that she was suffering from temporary depression during the holiday season. “Every Christmas I imagine it differently and suddenly, I am disappointed every time I don’t have the Christmas I imagined… Every year, I imagine a Christmas with my beloved, that with the baby we may have made together, or at least be pregnant […] And every year it’s a little harder to tell myself that it’s just not for this year.”, she wrote. Since it’s temporary blues, Caroline is better.

caroline friends with another participant married at first sight

if caroline failed to find love married at first sight, the former candidate has nevertheless established a good friendship with the other contestant of his season. Actually, Alexander and Caroline are friends in life. A relationship that the young mother did not hesitate to share on her Instagram account with a beautiful black and white photo: “MAPR has not given me love but a beautiful friendship… I love this boy very much. There are people who give comfort just by their presence or even just by their existence…more There are people like me who need to calm down…’

For viewers of Married at First Sight, after each publication of Caroline’s Instagram, her followers were able to find out that the young mother got a new haircut. No longer long gray hair, Caroline now has beautiful braids. A new hairstyle for a fresh start? The young lady is still searching for a soul mate and we wish her to find it.

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