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What are Tyfe Barrow’s favorite places to learn about yoga and meditation?

Those who follow Tyfe Barrow on social networks know that the singer cultivates many passions: music of course, but also travel, as well as yoga and meditation. Two complementary practices that have helped her tremendously. ,it’s the music that got me thereSays the singer. A concert is like a roller coaster: You get caught up in a whirlwind of energy, then you come back down and there’s a void to fill. Me, I had a great desire. Yoga and meditation taught me to fight it, to reduce the pressure after concerts, but also to prepare for it emotionally and physically. I always do salutations, breathing exercises, meditation before I go on stage,

For more yoga:

Gentle discipline, good for body and mind so… Typh confirms: “During the retreat, I did yoga for 45 minutes every morning. This allowed me to live this period calmly and stand firm. I also pushed my limits, managed to achieve asanas which I didn’t even think I would be able to achieve one day (laughs). Today, I feel I am stronger, in better shape!,

Where to go to practice yoga?

It is an exercise that the human and the energetic go through. First, you need to find the type of yoga that suits you among the various existing forms and teachers. Personally, I took classes with Ornella Yoga, which offers private and group classes.

Want to know about meditation?

Again, this should be done with an expert. I was initiated by Arnaud Boonen, with whom I followed the cycle of mindful meditation. You will also find various training courses on the Emergence platform, which offers workshops, conferences, retreats…


to retire?

Emergencies provide few. If you want to have a deeper experience, you can try Vipassana. So much of my stay in Venezuela was because I wanted to make sure I couldn’t “escape” (laughs), it was hard but it did me a lot of good! But for this you have to be ready …

for a nice dress?

Elodie Ouedraogo and Olivia Borlée’s clothes are clearly designed by sportspeople, who know how to combine comfort and efficiency.

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