Monday, March 20, 2023
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West warns of Russian-Iranian alliance


The West has warned of increased military cooperation between Russia and Iran, including the potential sale of ballistic missiles and kamikaze drones already supplied, weapons that could be used to destroy Ukraine’s energy infrastructure are, as happened again today in Odessa and Kherson. ,

“Russian aggressors attacked southern Ukraine with 15 Iranian-made Shahid-136/131 suicide drones,” the Ukrainian Air Force said on its Telegram account on Saturday.

West warns of Russian-Iranian alliance

Anti-aircraft systems of the Southern Command shot down 10 unmanned aircraft in the Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odessa regions.

Iranian drones in the south

The Russian shelling affected the energy infrastructure in Odessa and the city “was left without electricity,” said Kirylo Timoshenko, deputy chief of staff of the Ukrainian presidency who visited the southern region on Saturday.

The province had barely managed to restore almost all power in a week.

The energy company said, “The situation with electricity supply in the region and the city is difficult. Due to the scale of the destruction of the energy infrastructure in Odessa, all customers except critical infrastructure have been disconnected from the network.” ,

In Kherson, the Russian military bombed 51 times this Saturday, killing two people.

According to Tymoshenko and the region’s governor, Yaroslav Yanushevich, drones and Russian missiles targeted a factory, a maternity ward, shops, cafes, warehouses and apartment buildings, as well as a hospital along with power lines.

Due to damage to the power network, part of Kherson was again without power, including the city center.

The Ukrainian Air Force said on Wednesday that since the night of December 6-7, Iranian drones have reappeared in the Russian arsenal “after a gap of three weeks”.

Ukraine and the US and UK are both clear that Iran has sent more drones to Russia.

On the 3rd, Russian Deputy Defense Minister, Aleksandr Fomin, met with Iranian premier Mohammad Hossein Bagheri in Tehran, according to Iranian state press, “probably to discuss the sale of drones and missiles to Ukraine”. American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Iran, military protectorate of Russia

This Saturday, British intelligence said that “Iran has become one of Russia’s main military sponsors” and that “Iranian support for the Russian military is likely to increase in the coming months.”

“Russia is trying to get more weapons, including hundreds of ballistic missiles,” he insisted in his daily analysis of the war in Ukraine, a day earlier in a statement by the British foreign secretary, James Cleverly, amid “disgusting behaviour”. Regime Irani and Moscow”.

Britain has been claiming for months that Russia has spent most of its stockpile of Iskander ballistic missiles.

“If Russia succeeds in putting a large number of Iranian ballistic missiles into service, it could use them to continue and expand its campaign of attacks against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure,” he said.

worried about Russian reparations

London believes that, in return for Iranian assistance, “it is very likely that Russia will provide Tehran with an unprecedented level of military and technical assistance (…)”.

“We are concerned that Russia intends to provide Iran with advanced military equipment such as air defense systems,” John Kirby, spokesman for the White House National Security Council, said on Friday.

The White House warned that the relationship between Russia and Iran is becoming a “full-scale defense alliance”.

Kirby indicated that the support is mutual, as – like the United Kingdom – the US claims that Russia provides Iran with “unprecedented levels of military and technical assistance” in exchange for drones and potentially ballistic missiles for use in Ukraine.

According to the US, Russia wants to cooperate with Iran on weapons development and training.

The Washington Post reported last month that Moscow and Tehran had secretly agreed to start manufacturing Iranian drones in Russia.

For training, Kiev and the West recently said Iranian technicians sent to the annexed Crimean peninsula trained their Russian counterparts in handling Shahid-136 kamikaze drones.

Mykhailo Podolić, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, tweeted that Russia and Iran form an “axis of evil”.

“Iran plans to provide ballistic missiles to Russia knowing that they will be used for war in Europe. Russia helps Iran with military (nuclear?) technologies to blow up the Middle East. It is now Not an issue of Ukraine, but an issue of global security.” Are we just going to watch?” she wrote.

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