Monday, March 27, 2023
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Warnock won the Georgia seat, giving Democrats a narrow majority in the Senate.


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Democrat Raphael Warnock won re-election to the US Senate in a close runoff in Georgia against Republican Herschelle Walker. With this result, Democrats hold a narrow majority in the Upper House, where they now hold 51 of the 100 seats.

Georgia, the last state to be nominated to the Senate after the midterm elections, ultimately decided the race in favor of the Democratic Party.

Progressive Raphael Warnock won with which he was re-elected and secured a full term for a further six-year term.

It was a close result. With 99% of the votes counted, Warnock received 50.8% of the vote, while Walker received 49.2%.

As such, Democrats confirm a majority in the upper house, however adjusted, with 51 legislators out of the 100 seats that make up that legislative body.

Shortly after learning of the result, Warnock addressed supporters at a campaign event, with supporters chanting “Six more years!”

Warnock, the pastor of the Atlanta church where Martin Luther King Jr. preached, has held one of two seats in the Georgia Senate since winning a special election in 2021.

The vote solidifies Georgia as a battleground state that is certain to play a major role in the 2024 presidential election.

Democrats have now won three upper house races in the past two years in the former Republican bastion, and Democratic President Joe Biden is set to win the 2020 election there.

In a more symbolic sense, these polls also serve as a parameter to draw the figure of Donald Trump, as Walker is one of his protégés who received his ‘blessing’ and ran at the behest of the magnates, a situation In where former President he wants to be nominated by his party as candidate in 2024.

This final round, which was reached because no candidate reached 50%, set a record for early voting in the jurisdiction on Election Day as the most expensive of the season in the country.

About 1.9 million people – about 47% of the number who took part on 8 November – voted on Monday and another million were expected to do so on Tuesday.

Both candidates are of African-American descent, an unprecedented milestone in Georgia’s history. However, the perceptions of one and the other are different.

In his platform, Warnock outlined his position in favor of immigration, tax reduction, and abortion rights under any circumstances.

On the other hand, Walker is a popular sports personality who, according to analysts, embodies Republicans’ prejudices about the black community.

With serious allegations of domestic abuse and family violence, and complaints from ex-girlfriends who claim he paid for their abortions, he is against the procedures though.

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