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US military plans to replace M113s in Ukraine with BAE Systems AMPVs

To replace 200 M113 armored personnel carriers in Ukraine, and to improve the mobility of the armed fleet, the US military has awarded BAE Systems a new contract to acquire armored multiple use vehicles (AMPVs) for a total value of US provided. $245 million.

M113 vehicles were acquired during the Vietnam War, so the US Army incorporated the first recapture program into the Armored Mobility Fleet. BAE Systems will move part of its work to its facilities in York, Pennsylvania, as well as the Army Contracting Command based in Detroit, Michigan.

Us Military Plans To Replace M113S In Ukraine With Bae Systems Ampvs

AMPV BAE Systems.

About BAE Systems AMPV Vehicles

BAE Systems’ development of a multirole armored vehicle has focused primarily on the M113, in service with the US Army since the 1960s, for which the flagship company was awarded a contract at low-end cost for engineering, manufacturing, development and initial production. it was done. The first prototype model in 2014 was presented to the Army in December 2016.

Us Military Plans To Replace M113S In Ukraine With Bae Systems Ampvs

AMPV Credit: BAE Systems.

The vehicle combines core mobility features with advanced technologies designed to improve operational survivability in combat. Its design is based on the Bradley IFV infantry fighting vehicle, but includes an open turret: it can be installed in a roof-mounted armor station housing a 7.62mm machine gun, or 12.7mm, or 40mm. grenade launcher

The driver’s compartment and engine (a Cummins diesel engine providing maximum power of 600 hp) are located in the front aft, while the train section is located in the rear. There is a hydraulic ramp at the rear that allows rapid entry and exit of troops. Its maximum speed is 61 km per hour and its maximum width is 362 km.

The AMPV, for their part, is expected to be deployed by the Armored Brigade Combat Team.

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