Monday, March 20, 2023
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US and Costa Rica seek to strengthen democracy in Central America


Christopher Dood, Special Adviser to President Joe Biden for the Americas, reiterates commitment to building the Americas region

President of Costa Rica rodrigo chavez meeting with christopher dude, Special Advisor to President Joe Biden for Americain which he reaffirmed his commitment to work against drug trafficking DemocracyThe FreedomAt the same time, there is a need to streamline the immigration system for people seeking asylum in the country.

During the press conference, Chávez highlighted the first meeting with the dude in the framework of the ninth summit of the americas Which was held in Los Angeles, United States.

The President also mentioned America is a “natural ally” of Costa Rica For which he talked about the new political trend in Washington to ensure value and distribution chain. He also spoke about Costa Rica’s commitment to democracy, freedom, against drug trafficking, “the generous heart of Costa Ricans to shelter those who need it, as well as our immigration asylum system.” There is an urgent need to bring order.

In addition, he discussed the possibilities of expanding commercial cooperation “Costa Rica’s desire to join the commercial sphere of the United States, Canada and Mexico, he will carry those messages and we have a very important agenda. “

Chávez announced that Costa Rica and the United States would co-host the next Summit for Democracy “It was a very rich agenda, Senator Dude knows Latin America like few people know me, he was in the 60s”. Lived in the Dominican Republic ( … ) has traveled all over the continent, met all heads of state and ambassadors. He also gave me very good advice, we have made an action agenda that we are going to follow and I Looks like it was a very productive meeting.

for his part, christopher dudespecial advisor to President Joe Biden To the US, he reiterated his commitment to building the Americas region. , thank you so much.

According to Dud, the US is determined to strengthen its Costa Rica and other partners in the Western Hemisphere “Collaborating for Purpose, Transformative Ideas to Address Shared Spaces We are fortunate to have Costa Rica, a strategic partner to create inclusive economic opportunities. Address challenges such as strengthening democracy.

Also, dude announced this America Will Maintain Economic Cooperation With Costa Rica “Today’s conversation is about economic cooperation, I am sure Costa Rica will have much to contribute to America’s Coalition for Economic Prosperity and President Biden announced in June , and we talked about some of these ideas this morning, the meeting had a lot to learn about good practices like environmental protection and clean energy production in Costa Rica.

He also said that Chávez and his team share the US vision of the important role the private sector can play in creating economic opportunity for all citizens.

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“The United States values ​​the economic ties that exist in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Plays an important role in the United States economy helping chains that make everything from medical devices to motor vehicles Costa Rica One single from Flying and Essential.

He says, “President Biden wants to improve relations with a neighbor, as a friend here in America, so thank you so much for your time, your team’s work and what you’re doing.”

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