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United States National Parks Ask Citizens Not To “Please” Suck Toads

United States National Parks Ask Citizens Not To

Nature enthusiasts often experience different levels of existence during their excursions. From night out in the open to endless walks, test your body and mind. What does not fit, in principle, is in the plans to include in these adventures consumption of certain toxic substances Which can put your life in danger. And very little if they come from ‘tasting’ the creatures of the area.

This is what is happening in many national parks in the United States where officials have been forced to ask Not to suck visitors on Toad.

Through their official social network accounts, those responsible for the various protected areas warned of the danger of this type of -strange-practice.

“The Sonoran Toad, also known as the Colorado River Toad, is one of the largest toads of North America, and can measure up to 18 centimeters,” he writes from the Park Service.

“It is an animal with prominent parotoid glands that secrete a powerful venom that can make you sick If you catch the toad or if the venom gets into your mouth, the post continues.

“So, as we say with most things you see in our parks, whether it’s a banana slug, a mushroom you don’t know, or a bright-eyed toad, please, avoid sucking them, Thank you!” concludes the warning for visitors to the various parks.

The practice of sucking toads has been experienced throughout history in various parts of the world because it is considered an easy way to get high and to hallucinate, but it is an extremely dangerous practice Due to which the life of the person doing so may be in danger.



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