Monday, March 27, 2023
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United States and Mexico: Distant Neighbors

Different antiquities and different cultures.

More recently, the views of North American legislators have been amplified by Mexico. Given that people have been abducted and murdered from the US, then there is automatic criticism of the Mexican policy against drug trafficking, which is based on lay down and not bullets; It is in education, tolerance, association, and not in being an organized group that fights crime in the traditional ways that have worked in other parts of the world.

This puts us in a contradiction, because no Mexican wants to be blamed by America, because he has always been a distant neighbor and he said to Porfirio Díaz: “Son of Mexico, far from God and from the United States of America”. Very close.” America. Of course, this extraordinary Mexican said this, because America’s culture is very different, because its past is very far from our mestizo past and extraordinary indigenous culture, while America was born from a group of foreigners with an active priesthood of foreigners. ,

And although now there is a double standard, they set an example for the country’s defense, besides the fact that we are not always in good shape, as in organized crime, which promotes arms sales; Americans do not want to stop and favor those who work and live by organized crime.

Modern culture has also changed the world with communications, social networks and technological advances from the age of artificial intelligence and has stripped America of some of its virtues, such as its religious and now huge trend in membership. Those that arise from the easy loss of culture and values ​​that infect us too, especially in the North, because they cannot be avoided.

I believe that cultural differences must be taken into account in order to establish a lasting dialogue and true friendship, while we are neighbors and help each other and the United States’ relentless pressure on Mexico and Mexico’s stubborn defense I do not exhaust myself; However, sometimes both have fundamental flaws.

Descartes: I think, therefore I am… The culture of good friends should shun close enemies.

Lewis Eugene Todd

[email protected]

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