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United States: A federal judge has suspended prescription abortion pills nationwide

A Texas magistrate on Friday suspended the marketing authorization of mifepristone, one of two pills required for medical abortion. US President Joe Biden has said he is determined to “fight” the decision.

A federal judge on Friday, April 7, offered another resounding victory to opponents of abortion in the United States, withdrawing authorization for the marketing of an abortion pill that had been approved for more than 20 years and used to kill half a million Americans each year. used by women.

US President Joe Biden has said that he is determined to “War” Calling this decision an attempt “Unprecedented to deprive women of fundamental freedoms”. Ten months after the historic Supreme Court ruling that gave each US state the freedom to ban abortion on its soil, Magistrate Matthew Kaczmarik, known for his ultra-conservative views, issued from Texas, a decision Which is going to be implemented in the whole country.

A decision before the Supreme Court

At the same time, however, one of their partners based in Washington state decided that the marketing authorization for mifepristone (RU 486), which is used in conjunction with another cachet, should not be withdrawn in 17 Democratic states. Might have confiscated it. So it will be up to the Supreme Court, deeply overhauled by former Republican President Donald Trump, to clear the situation.

Judge Kaczmarik’s ruling won’t go into effect anyway until a week after the magistrate chose to give the federal government time to appeal. Which should not take much time. “Ministry of Justice strongly disagrees” With this decision, “He shall appeal (…) and seek relief in the meantime”, Minister Merrick Garland said in a statement.

In his 67-page ruling, Judge Kaczmarik upheld most of the arguments contained in the complaint filed in November by a coalition of doctors and organizations seeking abortions against the American Medicines Agency (FDA). Like them, he resumed studies on the risks of the abortion pill, although they are considered negligible by most of the scientific community. He also accused the FDA of failing to follow its procedures in order to serve a political objective.

A rigorous and lengthy process

“This is unprecedented and deeply harmful “Commented on the powerful family planning organization Planned Parenthood, which runs many of the country’s abortion clinics.

even if justice stalls I am alright Approval from the FDA, its decision to go into effect will probably take several months. According to health law experts, the drug regulator must follow a strict procedure before withdrawing the authorization of a product. Women and doctors can also take a second pill, misoprostol, which is used today with mifepristone for greater effectiveness and less pain.

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