Monday, February 6, 2023

UN calls for end of US blockade against Cuba The vote in the General Assembly was 185 votes in favour, two against and two absent.

in the United Nations General Assembly A new proposal to demand approved this Thursday End of US blockade against CubaWhich was opposed only by the United States and Israel.

This call, which has been made every year for three decades and always carried forward with an overwhelming majority, was received on this occasion. 185 votes in favor, two in opposition and two absent from Brazil and Ukraine, A year earlier, the resolution was approved with 184 votes in favour, two against by the United States and Israel, and three by Colombia, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2016, the rapprochement between Cuba and the United States was staged during the administration of Barack ObamaThe US also refrained and allowed the adoption of the document without protest, But he returned to a “no” with Donald Trump’s government and has so far been hand-in-hand with Joe Biden.

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno RodriguezPresenting the text, condemned this Thursday that the so-called blockade is a deliberate act economic war and whose effect is similar to that of a permanent epidemic or continuous storm, “There is an extreme dimension to this policy, more cruel and inhumanintentionally to cause the greatest possible harm to Cuban families,” Rodriguez condemned, referring to Tightening of sanctions imposed by Trump in 2019.

Cuba’s foreign minister also used a UN loudspeaker to send a message to the US President, Joe Biden, which so far have not promoted major changes in the policies of their predecessor in this area. “The current US government does not have its own policy towards Cuba. It acts by inertia and continues the dehumanizing policy of maximum pressure established during Donald Trump’s presidency.“, he criticized. “Cuba is ready to move and develop towards a better understanding with the United States civilized and cooperative relationsOn the basis of mutual respect and without undermining our sovereignty”, he said.

In this year’s debate, in addition to repeated statements about the injustice and illegality of the ban, several countries placed special emphasis on Need to remove Cuba from US list of state sponsors of terrorism, at a time when Washington is reviewing the issue. Cuba was removed from that list in 2015, an experience it experienced during the Obama administration but returned under the command of Trump, which has shunned rapprochement with Havana and tightened sanctions.

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