Monday, March 20, 2023
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Trade mission to Puerto Rico to take advantage of Toroverde’s arrival in Cuenca


The trade mission has its first stop in Puerto Rico, within a trip that takes place between October 24 and 28 and that will also take the participating companies to the Dominican Republic. Six architecture, tourism and renewable energy engineering services companies, as well as doors, metal panels and cutlery, participate in the action, which are holding meetings with different types of interlocutors, depending on the product or service to be introduced on the market, according to The Board has reported in a press release.

The director of IPEX, Luis Noé Sánchez, is accompanying the companies in Puerto Rico, a country where the regional government is firmly supporting the investment project of the Toroverde company in Cuenca, one of the largest in the world in activity parks in nature , after the visit of the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, to the country last August.

As a complement to the business promotion action, a work meeting was held with the participation of the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Trade, Manuel Cidre; the assistant secretary of the Government for Energy Affairs, Francisco Berrios; together with the consul of Spain, Josep María Bosch; and the Economic and Commercial Counselor of Spain, Francisco Millán Rajoy; in a meeting with the main sectoral associations, followed by the individual meetings scheduled for two days. Previously, the consul has invited companies and IPEX to an event with some important Puerto Rican companies.

Puerto Rico is, as a state associated with the United States, a natural gateway for regional companies to this country, and also has good growth prospects. As the commercial adviser of Spain highlighted in his speech, in the last year Spanish exports to the island doubled to exceed 280 million euros. For its part, the Dominican Republic continues to be an important territory for Spanish companies, especially for sectors such as contract hotels, housing, certain industrial products, services and some consumer goods, food and wine linked to the strong tourism sector.

These actions give continuity to the visit made by the Castilian-Manchega delegation led by President Emiliano García-Page in August this year. With regard to the Dominican Republic, this is the third trade mission that IPEX has carried out in this country since 2010, having also received in Castilla-La Mancha in recent years some of the most prestigious Dominican architecture and interior design firms, with large hotel, corporate, public and residential projects.

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