Monday, March 20, 2023
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Today there will be a sports equinox in the United States


Millions of people around the world They celebrate Christmas.

A large percentage of the American population is reunited with loved ones en Thanksgiving.

On every important date, there are football games, baseball games, or boxing matches that put people in front of a television, but for the most avid fans, nothing compares to a sports equinox.

And this Thursday, the United States will celebrate its twenty-seventh sporting equinox.

Similar to a solar equinox, when the sun aligns perfectly with Earth’s equator to signal the change of seasons, the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL sports seasons align.

This evening within the borders there will be:

NFL football

MLB baseball

nba basketball

NHL Hockey.

The Arizona Cardinals will host the New Orleans Saints at the start of NFL Week 7

in the NBA, Milwaukee y Philadelphia will clash and at night there will be a battle for supremacy in LA when Clippers y Lakers are measured.

Within the MLB postseason, Game 2 of the American League Championship Series will take place today between the Astros and Yankees.

At the start of the ice hockey campaign, there will be 12 NHL games.

Although at first it was not considered, today there will also be MLS soccer

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time today to attend to all the programming, because the equinox will also occur on Sunday and Monday.

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The first Sports Equinox happened on Sunday October 17, 1961 when Game 7 of the World Series between the Baltimore Orioles and the Pittsburgh Pirates intersected with a full NFL schedule and several NBA and NHL games.

historical dates

  • 1971: Sunday October 17
  • 1972: Sunday 15 and 22 October
  • 1973: Sunday 14 and 21 October
  • 1978: Sunday October 15
  • 1979: Sunday October 14
  • 1980: Sunday October 12 and 19
  • 1985: Sunday October 27
  • 2001: Sunday November 4
  • 2009: Sunday, November 1; Monday, November 2
  • 2010: monday november 1
  • 2015: Sunday November 1
  • 2016: Sunday October 30
  • 2017: Thursday October 19; Sunday, October 29
  • 2018: Thursday October 18; Sunday, October 28
  • 2019: Sunday October 27
  • 2020: Thursday, September 10; Sunday, September 13; Thursday, September 17
  • 2021: Thursday, October 21; Sunday, October 31
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