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This single father fights for his daughters’ well being, would you like to help him?


It never hurts to lend a helping hand to those who need it most. And in Caterino Arreguín’s case, there are plenty of reasons to help her.

This 43-year-old Mexican farm worker from the fields of Homestead, Florida, moved to the United States from his native Querétaro 27 years ago in search of a better future.

Over time he met a woman who would eventually become the mother of his eight and seven year old daughters, Brenda and Abigail respectively, whom he considers his reason for living.

After eight years of harmonious coexistence, the couple began to have a series of problems, which forced Arreguín to seek custody of the younger children, while the mother decided to live with her children from a previous relationship.

This year, Caterino was left alone to take care of all the needs of the girls and take full responsibility. A complicated task if one takes into account that her work day is eight hours and that Brenda is autistic.

“If you asked me what has been the biggest obstacle in my life as a father, I would say my lack of experience handling girls, especially when one of them is autistic,” Day said. laborer El Nuevo Herald, after adding that his daughters’ mother visits him only “from time to time” and that in the emergency room he can only count on the help of a sister.

how to help: Wish Book is trying to help this family and hundreds of others in need this year. To donate, you can do so securely here.

“I’ve grown as a man since I took care of my girls. I am not afraid of anything now. Children are like books, everyday you learn something new from them.

Caterino is not one of those people who lives with their arms.

When they found themselves alone, they realized that they had to seek immediate help to treat Brenda’s condition and to some institution that would provide them with a range of items to make life more bearable for their daughters. Since she only makes $8 an hour and has to pay apartment rent and food, she concludes that only through donations can she get her clothes, shoes, a microwave oven, a tablet, a TV, and a laptop . daughters in the park.

“Caterino should be helped because he is a father who has devoted the necessary time to the care of his daughters. It should be taken into account that Brenda’s case requires more attention because she is an autistic girl. For him, his daughter is not a ‘diagnosis,’ but a blessing. He doesn’t believe in barriers,” said Yamara Molina, representing ARC Academy, a non-profit organization based in the Florida city that helps children with special needs. is dedicated to.

Brenda and Abigail pose with a cat in the hallway of the Arreguin Homestead residence building. The girls need clothes, shoes and other items that the father cannot buy because his salary is too low.

The organization serves approximately 600 children annually through several programs. Among them, After School B-2 stands out, aiming for early detection of autism, language difficulties, and other diagnoses.

Molina pointed out that it has always been thought that the care of children is only related to the figure of the mother. However, Caterino has not given up in her fight to provide her daughters with the necessary well-being that will have an impact on their future.

“What impresses me most about this man is his humility and willingness to move forward. So I think it’s an excellent candidate for Wish Book,” he said.

“I can’t deny that I’m a happy man. But because of my very low salary, I can’t buy things that would make life more enjoyable for my daughters. I wish someone could help us,” Caterino said. Told.

how to help: Wish Book is trying to help this family and hundreds of others in need this year. To donate, pay securely at

how to help

To help this Wish Book nominee and over 100 nominees in need this year:

To donate, use the coupon in the newspaper or pay securely online at

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