Monday, March 20, 2023
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This is the only way to save a woman from jumping from a tall building

The footage of a lady climbing on the Akshardham Metro station’s building wall has gone viral.

We’ve seen sequences of a man or a woman standing in a tall building and declaring they’re going to jump, or people accidentally jumping from a high spot in web series and movies. The police, physicians, and firefighters will next attempt to save the person in various ways.

A few will attempt to reach an agreement by speaking from the microphone. It can be thrilling to see astute cops climb into a structure and catch that person at the last minute. But what if something similar occurred in the real world?

It can be stressful to read about fall situations, accident videos, or headlines about it. Meanwhile, a video of a young woman leaping from the Akshardham Metro station in Delhi’s building wall has gone viral.

The woman was rescued this morning by a jawan from the Central Industrial Security Force.

According to accounts, a young woman attempted suicide by jumping off the sidewall of the Akshardham metro station in the morning. When a CISF jawan noticed the girl standing on the wall’s edge, he promptly alerted his shift officer.

On-duty CISF jawans and DMRC officials raced to the scene right once. They all talked to the girl and asked her to come down and not make a bad decision. But the woman was deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf He was standing strong against the wall’s edge, refusing to move.

The jawans had been shopping for huge blankets at a local mall in the hopes of saving him if the girl fell. The girl jumped no matter how much the security guard jawan spoke. The scenario in which the girl jumps is very stunning. However, as he jumped, the jawans caught him and he fell safely into the blanket.

This Is The Only Way To Save A Woman From Jumping From A Tall Building

The video of a woman jumping on the building wall of the Akshardham Metro station in Delhi has gone viral.

Even though the movie is only 28 seconds long, he would have perished right there if he couldn’t be spared.

The woman was brought to the adjacent Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital with a mild bruise on her right leg.

The woman’s life was instantly observed and reported, according to the CISF’s official Twitter account.

Many people congratulate the jawan for making the correct option so quickly in a crisis.

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