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This car will be delivered as a kit, like furniture from Ikea

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Lovely will be the electric car to be delivered as a kit. (©lovely)

Fans of furniture assembly will appreciate. Swedish company Lovely aims to create a tiny electric car kit. The daring project has a name: Lovely O.

The company claims to “save” up to 80% energy during production as well as during operation of the vehicle, compared to “conventional” electric vehicles.

reduce carbon footprint

At a time when SUVs are too (too?) present on our roads, this car, beyond its electric side, offers reduce carbon footprint in its construction.

Indeed, before becoming an unusual subject the kit concept had an ecological purpose: to be able to deliver Lovely Flat.

Generally in the automotive industry, cars come fully assembled from the factory. They are sent as such. With the Lovely O, the Swedish company wants to be able to stack them in containers to ship more and more while reducing the carbon footprint. The CEO of the company explained this Wallpaper, A Swedish newspaper.

The cars will be shipped as flat packs for local assembly, which will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the entire operation.

Hakan LutzLovely’s PDG

The special thing is that you will not be able to assemble this car yourself. It will have to be assembled in local factories.

What are its features?

With its license-free car looks, the Lovely O is primarily meant for urban commuting. he only has one 100 km range and estimated top speed approx. 90 km/h.

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The 2.27 m and 400 kg car can carry two people and has a trunk that can carry a large shopping bag.

The production of this car is planned for the end of the year. it will cost around 10 000 Euro.

Is this car safe?

It is a reasonable question considering its design, size and weight. Are we safe inside this car?

Lovely answers this question by specifying their vehicles to be built “like race cars”. Incorporated with “Energy Absorber” and “Sandwich Composite Safety Shell” for the safety of passengers.

A composite with a sandwich structure is a combination of two thin skins on a “core”, another compound that holds the two skins together. Let’s imagine: You place two plates side by side and a softer material between the two to make a single, thicker component. It is tough, light and cheap.

Sandwiches In Lovely Have Mixed Ingredients.
Sandwiches in Lovely have mixed ingredients. (© NASA)

The car is reputed to be wear resistant when integrating parts from recyclable materials and most of them can be made from renewable materials.

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