Monday, March 20, 2023
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They defeated Portugal, Italy and Spain


It was clear that they were great favorites and that they themselves were in charge of confirming such a thing. In fact, the U-19 teams of Portugal, Italy and Spain went on to win comfortably on their respective debuts.

The most effective was Portugal, which suffered a lapidary 23–0 win over the United States. The Portuguese goals were scored by Henrique Vigario (5), Vitor Oliveira (4), Tiago Sanches (4), Diogo Rodrigues (4), Miguel Henriques (3), Joao Inácio (2) and Philippe Martins. Needless to say, the superiority of the European team, which took advantage of the game to skate by knowing the floor of the court.

Italy, on the other hand, was also a net dominant and defeated a determined but inexperienced Mexico 15–0. The figures could have been more clear, but Azzurra’s coach, Alessandro Bertolucci, ordered his team to “lift the leg off the accelerator” to give a more lucrative defeat to a minor opponent.

Los Goles Italianos Fueron Obra de Alessandro Amatulli (4), Ettore Barberi (3), Matteo Cardella (2), Giole Piccoli (2), Liam Bozzoneto (2) and Giulio Piccoli (2).

In the end, the Spanish team, the current world champions, had no trouble defeating Great Britain 11–1. The domination of the Spaniards was from beginning to end and the result does not accept the discussions. The winning goals came from Joan Campani (3), Joan Picart (3), Sebastia Moncusi (2), Guillaume Jansa, Aldi Cervera and Bruno Saavedra. The Swiss exempted Spencer Berry.

two matches today

The two clashes that would mark the course of the tournament and, incidentally, serve as the basis for taking into account the definition of the championship. Today they face each other, always at the “Aldo Cantoni” stadium, with Spain–Portugal on one side and Argentina–Italy on the other.

As usual these four teams appear as great candidates for the crown. This was evident on the first day of the competition yesterday, in which the favorites won their matches. Today will be different. Those two will be even more encounters. And, although they will not be conclusive, they will serve the technicians to draw conclusions. Spain-Portugal will play at 8:00 pm. Argentina-Italy will play at 10:00 pm.

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