Monday, March 27, 2023
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They cancel a tournament in America to distance themselves from Kanye West’s anti-Semitism


Morehouse College of Atlanta (USA) canceled its varsity basketball tournament on MondayIn which the Donda Academy team, owned by rapper Kanye West, will participate to distance himself from his recent anti-Semitic remarks.

Donda Academy was scheduled to face The Skills Factory on November 6But Morehouse College announced the cancellation of the tournament in a statement, saying it cannot accept Kanye West’s “recent divisive and unproductive claims”.

“In his history, L Morehouse CollegePerhaps more than any institution, has defended a social discourse that promotes equality and healing, especially in areas with racial, cultural and socio-economic disparitiesThe university wrote.

This is the latest case of entities and brands breaking up with Kanye West in recent days.After NBA stars such as Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics, or NFL stars such as Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams.

West wrote a series of anti-Semitic messages on Twitter and Instagram in early October.and previously participated in a parade in Paris wearing the slogan “White Lives Matter” (“White Lives Matter”), often referred to as racism (“Black Lives Matter”) in response to the movement against white supremacists. was used by.

Rapper’s partners under pressure -which is officially called- to take any retribution for their behaviorIt escalated this week, when a hate group hoisted a banner on a Los Angeles freeway that read “Kanye is right about Jews.”

You are also facing a defamation suit on behalf of George Floyd’s familyThe murder of an African-American by a police officer in Minneapolis (USA) in 2020 He claims $250 million to say in the podcast that the cause of his death was fentanyl ingestion and not police violence.

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