Monday, March 20, 2023
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They ask for collaboration for a child who suffers from a tumor and must travel to the United States


They collect donations for a 10-year-old boy who suffers from a tumor and must receive treatment in the United States. Thiago suffers from a diffuse brainstem tumor and needs the help of all Corrientes to be able to travel to the North American country to undergo a clinical trial.

The disease was detected when his mother took him for a medical check-up due to a severe pain in his head. After several treatments, the family found that a clinical trial could be carried out in the United States. Therefore, they are raising funds to cover the expenses of the trip.

Elida Kuszka, Thiago’s mother, said on South American radio that “this treatment gives us hope that Thiago is fine, because he really wants to live and go back to being the boy he was: play ball and ride a bike.” .

Currently, the boy has lost his speech and mobility, so he is moved in a wheelchair and must be constantly assisted since the only thing he can move is his eyes. In the North American country, there is a clinical trial that helped many children diagnosed with this aggressive disease.

Little Thiago went through several specialists before the disease was detected, also known as Dipg for its acronym in English (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma). He even, he underwent chemotherapy treatments since last year. However, in later studies the doctors noticed that the tumor was still in the same place and the chemotherapy helped to balance it.

For that reason, the family began to raise the funds they need for this expensive treatment. Those who wish to collaborate with the little one can do so through Mercado Pago through the alias Juntos.por.thiago or by transfer to “kuszka”.


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