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They are twins, they were separated at birth and grew up in different countries and were reunited at the age of 13


story of these two Identical twins look like a Hollywood scriptBut it happened in real life. In 1998, due to lack of money, his biological mother could not take care of him and that is why he decided to separate them.

a Isabella Solimin, already suffering from malnutrition, dumped her in an orphanageand her sister Ha Nguyen, who was even more ill, left her to adopt her sisterWho at that time lived with her partner in a rural community in Vietnam.

After being placed in an orphanage, Isabella had to Wait four years to adopt, Eventually it happened, and her new parents, who had five other children, raised her in the city. Chicago, United States.

as reflected in the medium insider, When they were old enough, the two girls were told that they had a same sister On the other side of the world but no one wanted to know more. Ha Nguyen thought that he would never be able to travel there and that they would certainly never meet. Isabella Had a Little More Secret CuriosityBut there is not enough pressure to back away completely behind the issue.

Isabella Soliman lived in Chicago with her adopted familyunsplash

Ha Nguyen’s adoptive parents were rice pickers and midwives. Who humbled him in a city prone to frequent storms. On the other hand, Isabella’s adoptive mother, from a better financial position, was still ready to bring them together again and actually take her to the United States to seek out that sister and make her the number 7 member of their family. Was thinking of

eventually, Woman visits Vietnam to trace little one’s whereabouts and tried to access the records, but the search was severely limited by language: he could not speak or read Vietnamese. However, a local resident offered to help him.

Ha Nguyen Lived With Her Uncles In A Rural Community In Vietnam.
Ha Nguyen lived with her uncles in a rural community in Vietnam.unsplash

thanks for that help, mom Found the family and myself Ha NguyenTo which he showed the photo of his sister. “Do you want to get on my backpack and go back to the United States with me?” He asked, of course, receiving a spontaneous “no” to an answer.

Mother understood and since then she started helping that family financially. Nguyen’s upbringing. When the twins turned 13, in 2011, Decided to take Solimin to Vietnam for reunification, which happened at the very airport.

Although initially slow, and hindered by cultural and linguistic barriers, relations between the two began to grow. They talked about their childhood and what they both lived through. Solimane’s family paid for Nguyen Could have attended a private school in Vietnam, rented an apartment for his parents and was given the latest technology.

In 2016, Ha Nguyen decided to travel to Chicago and finish high school there, But he promised to return to Vietnam. Both sisters attended the same university in the United States.

Now, Isabella begins her process of becoming US diplomats in the Middle East, although it would mean separating from your sister again, at least for a while. This story was collected and is the center of Author Erica Hayasaki’s new book: Somewhere Sisters: A Story of Adoption, Identity, and the Meaning of Family, Which may translate to: “Sisters at a Distance: A Story of Adoption, Identity and Meaning of Family.” The book includes interviews with Nguyen, Solimin and their families.


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