Monday, March 27, 2023
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They are looking for US Army Vs. Mexican cartels in the face of AMLO ‘complacency’

William BarrThe former US attorney in Donald Trump’s administration argued that a solution to the fentanyl crisis should give Joe Biden the authority to use the president. United States Army Against the Mexican Cartels,

proposal of republican representatives Dan Crenshaw from Texas Y* Michael Waltz of Florida Which was presented in January and it was hidden, but because of the traffic of that drug he recovered.

“Mexican cartels flourished because the Mexican administration didn’t want to deal with them. the exception was the president philip calderon (2006–2012)All of whom wanted to go against the cartel, but America’s priorities at the time were elsewhere,” Barr wrote in an article for the influential The Wall Street Journal.

“Hey, The main facilitator of the cartel is the president andres manuel lopez obrador, In fact, AMLO doesn’t want to worry about who is seriously attacking the cartel. Protect them by constantly calling them government of mexico The United States should not take effective action,” Barr wrote.

Snake head in Mexico.

He said his country no longer tolerates drug cartels operating from safe ports in Mexico, as it produces deadly drugs on an industrial scale. filling America with that poison,

“Real progress requires an aggressive drug supply assault.” in origin, The head of the snake is in Mexico, and that is where our greatest efforts should be directed,” he demanded.

In his State of the Union address in February, Biden indicated that he would plus drug detection deviceand also that packages and cargo passing through the border should be checked more precisely, lest means “powdered tablets”Indications for other opioids.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH); since 2014 More and more Americans have turned to fentanyl, as it is used as a cheap, live-action equivalent of heroin.

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