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The Worst Ground, Bean, and Capsule Coffees for Your Health, According to 60 Million Consumers

© The Worst Ground, Bean, and Capsule Coffees for Your Health, According to 60 Million Consumers

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Coffee lovers can indulge themselves at the supermarket. Both flavors and fragrances are available in a wide range! However, there are some who call the 60 million consumer platform unhealthy. See how he did his analysis!

Pay attention to the way these coffees look!

Each type of coffee has many qualities. has many followers weight loss Do them a favor On the other hand, they also contain high amounts of antioxidants. However, it should be consumed in moderation. If so, you may experience negative effects.

Surely you have heard of someone who could not sleep because of drinking alcohol. In addition, coffee must be consumed before a certain time. But real problem There isn’t! 60 million consumers took their survey for a specific reason.

cafe must be respected a certain quality So that there is no health hazard. So the consumer protection association wanted to clear things up. Still, his observation is unlikely to please everyone!
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For this study, 60 million consumers phoned 51 cafes. Platform experts find out after roasting polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAH. They also found acrylamide and fat in some brands.

Which brands should be avoided?

Unfortunately for these brands, they have been subjected to some pretty heart-wrenching advertising! According to 60 million consumers, their coffee should no longer be marketed. top the list Planter Capsule from IntermarcheOr Carte Noir Coffee Capsules.

listing ends with L’Or Decaffeinated Capsules, A little too much of all three! At relatively low levels, the HAS in coffee is harmless. But this time 60 million consumers have alerted not only the households but also the regulatory authorities.

In addition to capsules, some 60 million consumers point to coffee beans. Although the latter should be the least dangerous due to the way they are produced. the worst of them Brand Naturala, The latter has “ten times more” than the others.

The list ends with ground coffee, which is very popular among consumers. Even then, Maker Grandma No longer marketing your products. As per the reports received, he has: “Prices deemed illegal for oils and fats”,
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This second coffee has turned out to be quite dangerous!

The survey of 60 million consumers was very detailed. Indeed, the platform was able to identify other substances like acrylamide, According to the association, coffee produced at Lavazza contains the most.

On the other hand, 60 million consumers also detected some insects in the coffee! Even though the phenomenon is observed in all products, the platform announces a surplus , “Up to 80 in Bellaroma ground coffee from Lidl and also 83 in Alter Eco coffee beans”,

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