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The Voice: Ollie talks about his health concerns when he was a child, an illness that also marked his brother

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Fate wanted Bigflo and Ollie to participate as a coach in the group “The Voice” among the great voices of France. However, everything could have turned out differently. actually because from a lung disease that affected one of the brothers, He had to struggle to live. A few years back, Oli shared his horrifying childhood experience in his interview on YouTube.

Ollie’s Secrets From “The Voice” On His Battle With Illness

As admitted by Bigflo’s younger brother, he spent “a little bit of time” in the hospital. he explained that He had a “troubled” lung, Because he was younger than the other. Not knowing exactly what he found, he explained to his interviewer that he never really talked about it.

The two rapper brothers were inspired by this piece of Olivio’s life in one of their titles, “Real life has been revealed. Released in 2017. As the artist explained, he had pipes in his nose when he was three years old. after getting “Say No To The Graveyard”, Fate led the young man and his brother to success.

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Furthermore, Florian, aka BigFlow, vividly remembers the ordeal the whole family had to endure.

Bigflo’s story of his little brother’s illness

In interviews on YouTube, the two coaches from “The Voice 12” talk about the ordeal their family faced together. On this occasion, Oli’s elder brother told an anecdote related to him.

Remembering Olivio’s tips, he nevertheless accepted that the latter had chosen the “trumpet” as a musical instrument.

“This man he chose out of all the instruments in the world that was the trumpet! Which is to say that’s where you really have to take a deep breath.said the coach of “The Voice”.

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Closer than ever, Ollie’s illness was not the only test the brothers had to face.

This Time BigFlo From “The Voice” Puts His Brother In Danger

In November 2022, Ollie’s older brother also revealed that he went through a tough ordeal before reaching where he is now. After having a mental disorder, “The Voice” coach admits to coming “A Breaking Point”,

Although hurt himself, he admitted that he once rolled “Like Crazy” With Ollie on and luckily, Bigflo had the moment to allow his brother to get out of the car. Coming home, falling to the ground and trembling, he decided to call his father and get help, he believed here.

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Finally, these problems are now behind the young Toulouse rappers. Otherwise, they would not have come to the set of “The Voice 12”.

Bigflo and Ollie, coaches on “The Voice”

Early in their careers, two brothers from Toulouse struggled to make their mark on the artistic world. Then, the two rappers slowly managed to climb the ladder until they achieved respectability. Proof, is that today he proudly sits in the double red chair of “The Voice” as a jury.

Natural, honest and humorous, BigFlow and Ollie have managed to bring together many beautiful voices in their team.

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