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The turmoil inside Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio’s relationship took an unexpected turn


Bright Times News: Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio had a brief relationship, but it was one of the most widely publicized in Hollywood.

The relationship between Monroe and DiMaggio, with whom she had a turbulent, brief marriage and later a friendship, is one of the pivotal moments in Netflix’s “Blonde,” a fictionalized account of Monroe’s life.

DiMaggio, who had retired from professional baseball the previous year, asked a friend to connect him with Monroe, who was still a rising star at the time.

According to “My Story,” her autobiography ghostwritten by Ben Hecht, Fearing that he would be the stereotypical arrogant athlete, the actress was hesitant to meet with the New York Yankees legend.

Following that, Monroe and DiMaggio began a long-distance relationship, with Monroe living on the West Coast and DiMaggio on the East. Despite their efforts to keep their romance private, it was eventually widely publicized.

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The couple married in San Francisco City Hall in January 1954, where they were surrounded by fans and paparazzi.

Monroe did not wear a traditional wedding gown because it was an elopement. Instead, she wore a dark brown suit with a white fur collar and black pumps while posing for photos in front of Saints Peter and Paul Church, while DiMaggio wore a simple suit.

Because they had both previously been married and divorced, the couple could not have a church ceremony at the time. Both of their marriages were second marriages.

Despite the actress’s endometriosis, the couple shared similarities, including a desire to have children, according to her autobiography.

Regardless of how strong their bond was, the marriage appeared doomed from the start due to DiMaggio’s jealousy and controlling attitude, as well as Monroe’s frantic filming schedule.

During their honeymoon in Japan, Monroe was asked to perform for the American troops stationed there during the Korean War, which she did, much to her husband’s chagrin.

His dissatisfaction with her universal “bombshell” image strained their relationship even further.

Most notably, while the actress was filming “The Seven Year Itch,” which includes her now-iconic “flying skirt” scene, fans and paparazzi were present and cheering her on, which was allegedly arranged by director Billy Wilder. DiMaggio, who was on set at the time, was reportedly enraged, prompting the two to brawl in public.

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