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The price of onion will not make the public cry! Modi government took big step

Onion price will not cry! Modi’s government took a big step

Bright Times News: Onion becomes expensive at some point every year. At that time, even if there was no rust, tears came out of the eyes of common people at the price of onion. Especially in the last year, the condition of f lower middle class and middle-class pockets became very serious due to 100 rupees onion. However, the Center has made major preparations so that the price of onion does not make the common people cry. Modi’s government is working to increase onion storage.

A buffer stock of 2.5 million tons has been created

The Center has procured 2.50 lakh tonnes of onion in 2022-23 to build buffer stock, the consumer affairs ministry said. Which is much higher than the 2021-22 record amount of 2 lakh tonnes. This huge quantity of onion has been procured this year from states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh.

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Why is the government creating a buffer stock?

65 percent of onion production in the country is during the rabi crop. As a result, there are more onions in the market at that time. Center collects onion for buffer stock during April-June. So that the price of onion is under control even if it is not enough in the market at other times of the year. The government releases this buffer stock in the open market if necessary to keep prices stable.

Why is onion storage a challenge?

Onion is a perishable vegetable. After harvesting, dryness, weight loss, rotting, etc. occur. But now the government is looking to use more advanced technology in its storage. So that the shelf-life of onion can be increased.

The Center has opened up opportunities for undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma students as well as researchers and start-up companies to further develop this conservation technology. A grand challenge has been announced for this. It will be the task of students, researchers, or start-ups, to discover a way that will prevent the wastage of onions. Preserved crops will be saved from spoilage.

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