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The horrific case of the “charismatic” clown who killed 33 young people in the United States


,It was one of the most horrific crime scenes in American history.”, says Dr. Eric Hickey, a criminal psychologist, when he remembers how they were found around Chicago The rotting bodies of 33 youths He was buried in the basement of one of America’s worst serial killers, John Wayne Gacy.

Although almost half a century has passed since then, even criminal experts Dessi case investigation, which has also been featured in documentaries for the horrific events that surround this killer. Barely a year ago, another victim was identified which was unknown till then.

In the early 1970s, no one could have imagined that Gacy, A nice guy in his 30s who dressed up as a clown He would eventually bury about thirty in his home, to entertain charitable events in hospitals and shelters in the state of Illinois. After raping and killing youths between the ages of 14 and 21,

The events took place between 1972 and 1978, when The disappearance caused concern for the Chicago suburban community.

During that time, “Pogo the Clown”, as he was called at the parties and piatas he attended, was shown to be a cheerful person with a packed agenda of social activities in his neighborhood. During the day, he organized and participated in charity events and even went on Democratic Party activities. Even on one occasion, A picture was taken with Roslyn Carter, First Lady of the United States (1977–1981),

John Wayne Gacy Juno and Roslyn Carterwhite House

in the nights, Gacy tricked children and young people into taking them home and then abused, tortured and killed themAs recalled by a newspaper chronicle new York Times of time

The truth is that during the six years when the crimes took place, no one suspected a friend of the jester. “He was very popular and loved. Nobody just suspected him.”Michael Albrecht, an agent who followed and arrested him years later, said at the time. It was his sociable image and appearance at charity events that later created so much panic when his true identity was discovered,

“He somehow represents the idea of ​​the inner enemy; perfect psycho, Gacy was the best neighbor, helping the kids, offering barbecue and was even part of a political party. but he was also the one whoUnder his house were the bodies of 30 boys, That contradiction makes their case very powerful”, explains anthropologist and author Esteban Cruz.

Researchers in the United States have devoted hundreds of studies to find your mind, Some attribute this to a family system that was friendly on the outside, but in private it was a hostile and violent environment.

As his sister recalls in a documentary broadcast on history, Gacy’s father assaulted and abused him when he came home drunk., And it is believed that when he was a child, someone close to the family sexually abused him, an episode that was never reported.

for 1964, Gacy married a woman, but parted ways shortly after when his wife learned that he had been convicted of sexually abusing a minor. And despite the fact that he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, He was granted parole in 1970,

Photo From Conversations With A Killer: John Wayne Gacy Tapes
Photo from Conversations with a Killer: John Wayne Gacy TapesNetflix

However, only two years later he started committing crimes that exposed his insanity and led him to commit thirty murders, In late 1978, police finally raided Gacy’s home and unearthed 27 bodies from the basement that had been eaten by insects. Two others were found elsewhere in the house and four others were found in the Des Plaines River.

In 1980, He was sentenced to death and spent 14 years on death row, There he painted and decorated the paintings with images of clowns. According to history at the time, Gacy said that the Joker was his alter ego. eventually, This serial killer was executed with lethal injection in 1994,

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