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The Great American Bomber Has Been Refurbished: Nuclear Missiles and a Laser to Carbonate Enemies

[Así es el gigantesco bombardero nuclear que Rusia moviliza en plenas maniobras de la OTAN]

This aircraft, which entered service in February 1955, has been selected by the Air Force to lead a series of improved projects Extend its useful life beyond 2050, They focused primarily on the induction of new engines with lower consumption, new avionics and sensors, and the preparation of new weapons.

Boeing is currently working on Integration of these new engines Given the characteristics of the B-52. It has a total of 8 engines distributed two by two in 4 gondolas, with air inlets practically sticking out. The complex design kept the aircraft a mystery until the latest computer design was published. In them you can also see the redesign of the nose, which now does away with the bumps where the radars were hidden.

Boeing B-52 reconstructed in computer generated image

After several unsuccessful attempts to salvage the bomber as an electronic warfare platform (TrolleyWith the creation of the Intervention, the United States Department of Defense finally decided on a series of updates that keep bomber essence B-52.

centenary update

The first major upgrade program—called CONECT—for the B-52s occurred in 2013 with the integration of new electronics, communications systems, on-board computers and flight deck avionics. “CONECT is the B-52’s first major digital upgrade that brings communication and situational awareness improvementas well as a digital architecture that will provide the basis for future upgrades,” the Air Force said.

Boeing B-52 In Flight

Boeing B-52 in flight

Lance Cheung / USAF

The center bay where the aircraft stores its weapons has also been completely redesigned, allowing 66% increase in load capacity, In addition, compatibility with more missiles and bombs – both guided and unguided – has already been developed, opening the door to the integration of new nuclear weapons in the future.

Similarly, in 2017 it was published that scientists from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) were working on Incorporation of a laser weapon inside the aircraft, This type of weapon is one of the US armed forces’ great bets for the foreseeable future, due to its low cost per shot and the development of technologies so powerful that they can put aircraft, drones and missiles out of action in milliseconds.

B-52 Bombers During Maneuvers In Guamo

B-52 bombers during maneuvers in Guamo

Jason Robertson / USAF

In April 2020, the United States Air Force released Public Tender for Refurbishment of Locomotives Pratt & Whitney which remained unchanged since the early 1960s when the B-52H version was introduced. No major engine house wanted to lose the contract and Pratt & Whitney, General Electric and Rolls-Royce participated, the latter being the eventual winner.

as published, The contract eventually closed at $2.6 billion For a total of 650 engines (608 for direct replacement and 42 more for the aftermarket) of the F130 model. Rolls-Royce announced that all of them would be manufactured in the United States and already with a C-37 VIP transport aircraft and communications platform, flying over 27 million in both civil operators—mainly executive aircraft—and the military. Hours accumulated. Airlines E-11.

B-52 .  Refueling Of Air

B-52 . refueling of air

Nathan Allen / USAF

In other previous proposals to modernize the locomotives, the reduction was rated from 8 to 4 for each B-52, but this was decided in the final project. have the same number of thrusters In exchange for equipping smaller, cheaper and less powerful ones.

The F130 offers exceptional reliability with high mission readiness and low maintenance requirements. Once installed on an aircraft, the propeller will not need to be taken apart at any time during its operational life for scheduled maintenance. “Furthermore, it would provide a very high fuel efficiencyIncreased range and reduced in-flight refueling requirements.

United States Air Force, for the time being, Estimated yield not published Which would provide the B-52 with this new set of engines onboard. It is also not known whether this will affect other specifications such as load capacity.

nuclear weapon

Just like with the atomic bomb before the 1950s, The B-52 Stratofortress will be a vital piece For the next generation of weapons of this type. Additionally, it will briefly replace its role from bomber to missile launch platform with the AGM-181 Long Range Standoff Weapon, LRSO.

Boeing Is Launching The B-52 Agm-86 Missile

Boeing is launching the B-52 AGM-86 missile

Rodan Carlson / USAF

Development of this ammunition began in 2017 with contracts from the Department of Defense and the United States Air Force to Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. Ultimately, Raytheon was the winner of a $2 billion contest aimed at air-launched cruise missile AGM-86. get rid of from Boeing. “It was deployed at the height of the Cold War to avoid Soviet-era analog defenses,” Air Force General Anthony Cotton told the US Senate Armed Services Committee last month.

As Cotton himself pointed out, the development and timely delivery of the LRSO missile “and Its W80-4 Warhead partners are essential to maintaining an effective and reliable aerial nuclear deterrent, particularly when adversaries deploy advanced digital air defense systems.” The United States is currently working to extend the operational life of AGM-86 cruise missiles by 2030. While reducing inventory.

Agm-86 Missile, Model To Replace Lrso

AGM-86 missile, model to replace LRSO


“When our adversaries see or perhaps hear that our long-range bombers are on high alert, it gives them a little pause,” he continued. “The tension can be calmed down without the bomber being dropped”, The first of the more than 500 planned LRSO units is expected to be operational by 2025 if there is no delay. Its kiloton yield and the range the missile will achieve are both unknown.

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