The Godfather movie review and release updates: Fans call it a ‘unanimous blockbuster’

    The Godfather movie review and release updates: Fans call it a 'unanimous blockbuster'

    Bright Times News: Chiranjeevi: Whether from the south or the north, every movie is referred to as an Indian film.

    At a press conference held in advance of the movie’s release, Chiranjeevi said, “Long ago, I made a movie called Pratibandh, which was followed by Gentleman and Aaj Ka Goonda Raaj. I was ignorant of the distinction between Hindi and regional films at the time.

    I tried again after that, but I had to focus on Telugu movies. I wasn’t around Hindi. I’ve always wished there would be one movie, an Indian movie. It is my sincere wish. I produced a movie called Rudraveena in 1985. The award was the Nargis Dutt.

    I was in Mumbai at the time and accepted the prize on behalf of my producers. I have seen images documenting the development of Indian film. The posters of legendary actors from Bollywood made me very happy.

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    However, I was also amazed and surprised that there weren’t any posters of South legends who were revered as demigods by their followers. For me, it was quite agonizing. Bollywood movies were presented to the international delegates as the real Indian movies. I felt awful at the time. I wanted those obstacles to disappear. Every movie, south or north, is referred to as an Indian movie.

    Nayanthara, a lady superstar of Kollywood, has succeeded in winning hearts once more with a powerful performance in Chiranjeevi’s GodFather. Many people thought Nayanthara and Satya Dev were cool in their roles.

    Social media users have responded well to Chiranjeevi’s movie GodFather since its premiere. A Twitter user remarks, “This movie has a distinct mentionable thing in the command in subtle acting and acting with eyes; many parts give you shivers without a dialogue. The other person says, “Take a BOW BOSS,” while I say, “Perfect comeback stuff for boss.”

    A US movie critic tweeted, “A Good Political Action-Thriller that is a faithful remake which keeps loyal to the essence but has modifications that keep the proceedings intriguing.”

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