The curious Roosevelt coin that could be worth more than 7,000 dollars: how to identify it

    A collector explains the details that would make a coin worth thousands of dollars

    Old coins can be worth thousands of dollars, but they often find their way into the hands of their new owners without them realizing the details. Unlike other branches, in numismatics errors are almost well seen and there is a special piece that could be worth up to 7000 dollars if it meets some characteristics, according to the expert Blake Alma.

    Errors in coins are not common and come from the moment of manufacture, so later they can accumulate very high prices compared to normal ones, because somehow the demand among collectors increases. This happened with a dime that has some features combined with a dime and that the tiktoker (and also collector) Blake Alma shared for his 830,000 followers on his @coinhub channel. Among its contents, several valuable and rare pieces stand out, from those of Jefferson to those of Lincoln, and these are the characteristics that must be identified in the coin that can reach US$7,000.

    A coin collector explains the details that would make a coin worth thousands of dollars

    Roosevelt’s image will appear on the obverse of the coin, so at first glance you might think it’s a dime. This is one of the details that you will have to look twice for, because it is surrounded by copper, which is the metal that you normally see on a penny.

    Given this characteristic, Blake pointed out that “this is a dime minted on a one cent”. In addition, he shared how the process that led to his result was and showed a normal ten coin with another one cent piece. “Imagine this is minted on top of the penny,” she described.

    A collector explains the details that would make a coin worth thousands of dollars

    Hay background of the great value of these coins and Blake cited several examples. One of the pieces sold at Heritage Auction for $7,500 and was graded MS64. Also, another with this detail was sold on an auction website for a total of $6,900 and was certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Company at an MS65 grade.

    In the case of these two examples, both had the year 1999 and the Denver D mark, engraved on the obverse.

    In case you have a dime, you have to remember that not all of them can reach such a high value, unless they have some error. There are pieces that may have a higher price than what is recorded, but it is not compared to the previous ones.

    A 1982 dime could be worth up to $250 if it doesn’t have a mark, while yet another recently sold for $119.26 on eBay after 15 bids, the newspaper quoted The Sunwhich gave another example: A dime with a 2002 error sold for $200 online.

    One of the clues that specialists recommend is check the value of coins in the eBay history, To do this, you have to search for the full name, select the list of “sold” and then place the “highest value”.




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