Monday, March 20, 2023
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The Authority: Argentina destroys Croatia and goes for the triangular


In the first half, in seven minutes, on the counterattack, with two shots, Julián Álvarez scored a controversial penalty, scored a goal and won Argentina, who beat Croatia 3–0 in a moment, what he did in Lionel Everything that was planned went awry. The Scaloni Board and Lionel Messi & Co. executed at the right time to usher in the final of Qatar 2022 and confirm that a unique footballer’s ambition of “10” goes to the World Cup, to the Cup, to eternity. ,

was beyond Albiceleste worked as a team, as much as in football, against one of the most consistent blocks on the planet, which the latter had to do in ways unimaginable at the heights of such competition, in order to maintain their advantage. was disabled from Know that whatever He had planned had already happened. In the final of the World Cup, in which it returns after eight years, it will face either France or Morocco.

When the Croats played, they were accurate with the ball, made no mistakes, never felt what was coming their way. It seemed that he was playing whatever he wanted. that his motion allowed him to keep the meeting under control. not much less An imaginary manifestation on the ground. Reality checked as soon as he dived into the first rule. Bad pass. As he activated the entire Scaloni plan; As soon as Macy & Co. ate it up.

The fact that he didn’t score until 25 minutes later when Enzo Fernández proposed it from distance, or that the penalty conceded by Daniele Orsato is nuanced, even doubtful, depends on the perspective. From which you can see how Julián Álvarez collided with Dominik Livkovic, in an individual duel that was clumsily conceded by the Croatian defence.

The maximum penalty, discussed and debatable, was converted by Messi (33′ pt) as usual. Even the challenge of having a goalie brilliant in his eleven-meter skills before him did not dampen the determination of “10”. His powerful left foot was unstoppable. For him. and for someone

The beginning of the end for the Croatian, who had lost half the game by the time he became aware of the vortex in which he found himself trapped. Or at all In an instant, five minutes in, Julián Álvarez emerged again to counterattack (from a lateral free kick in favor of Croatia), to drive, to drive and to drive from his own area. His faith was stronger than football, lucky with two rebounds that put him ahead of Livacovich. target. 2-0 (38′ pt.).

Already on the ground, but still in the days to come, Croatia will discover a very simple explanation for so much misfortune: Scaloni’s effective ability to investigate, discover and influence the right details, at the right time, at the right time. Vision . He didn’t even need the most flowing version of Messi at the time, although he enjoyed it later, after playing time, at 3-0 (23′ st), which he told Guardiol that he was an unstoppable player. Even him.

Messi overtakes Batistuta as Argentina’s goalscorer

Argentina national team striker Lionel Messi surpassed Gabriel Batistuta yesterday as the Albiceleste’s top scorer in World Cup history with his 11th goal on a penalty in the 34th minute of the Qatar 2022 semi-final match against Croatia 1-0 scored a goal.

Already eleven in 25 games, five of them in the current championship (one against Saudi Arabia, one against Mexico, one against Australia, one against Netherlands and one yesterday against Croatia) Batistuta has achieved ten in 12 games. For, when he scored four goals in the United States in 1994, five in France in 1998 and one each in Japan and Korea in 2002.

Eight of Diego Armando Maradona’s and Guillermo Stabile’s, centered in the 1930s, moved between 1982 and 1994.

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