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The 6 Weirdest Customs and Traditions in America


Although each country has customs and traditions that identify its idiosyncrasies, there are certain activities that, due to their frequency and high number of inhabitants who practice them, become customary in certain regions.

In the United States, among so many things that its culture offers us, we also find these very frequent activities, which are considered different for communities of other cultures.

Here is a brief review of 6 of those ingrained customs:

Stores open 24 hours

Any product can be purchased at any time, at any time. An American classic.

It is customary for many shops or service companies to remain open to the public, 24/7.

And we are not just talking about pharmacies, which in other nations use the “shift” schedule; but we can also find open, many shops, offering their services at any time of the day.

In these establishments, we find “a bit of everything”. In addition to its location, it is strategic, because they are usually in places where many people frequently pass by, regardless of the time, similar to service stations.

With this time of day, it is not surprising to find clothing stores, minimarkets, restaurants, bars, shoe stores, among many others.

This schedule may seem strange, but as consumers they are an excellent idea, in case we crave something at midnight. In addition, they are job generators, because workers usually work in different shifts.

coffee at all times

In many countries, it is customary to have coffee with breakfast, or to meet for coffee and talk about anything. Or, to take a break from work hours and lower stress levels.

But in the United States, its citizens drink coffee, just for the fun of it, be it in the morning, at noon, even at night.

In addition, it is possible to find different ways to serve it, even cold.s, they also add other flavors, such as honey or caramel, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, in short, there are many options.

The flag everywhere

If anyone has known how to identify with their national symbols, especially with their flag, it is the Americans. It is not surprising to see the red, white and blue striped flag, with its fifty stars, anywhere in the United States.

Regardless of whether a national date is celebrated or due to some federal request, the flag is found everywhere, always displayed with great pride.

We can find it in any article of clothing, on buses, in shops, even as a decoration element. However, there is a day when the use of the United States flag reaches its peak; we refer to the 4th of July, Independence Day.

people shop in pajamas

In general, when we go out shopping, we dress in comfortable street clothes, sleepwear or pajamas, we use it inside the house.

But in the United States, it is very common to find us in commercial premises, consumers who wear their pajamas. Apparently, it is a very common routine in this nation, to get up, brush and go straight to the supermarket, without changing our night clothes.

It can be a very comfortable attitude, which does not impact the coexistence of the neighbors at all; however, depending on the pajama model, there are places where they kindly invite consumers to return home and dress in ordinary clothes.

Identification to buy alcohol

This is more than a custom, almost a law, since alcoholic beverages are sold in small stores or large supermarkets, but in order to purchase them, it is mandatory to present our identification.

And in this custom, we all enter, even if our appearance indicates that we are adults, they will not sell us alcohol if we do not carry our identification card.

This measure is very positive, to prevent young people, who are not of legal age, from buying and consuming alcoholic beverages.

This means that if we go to a party and want to buy and have a few drinks, we have to make sure that we carry the document.

XL portions

It is perhaps a gastronomical extravagance, but in most restaurants, where they sell fast food delicacies, Let’s find an “extra large” or giant size dish.

When reviewing the menu, we usually find the variety of meals they offer, because next to the normal proposal, we find the “XL” version of the dish we want.

For tourists, this modality has come as a great surprise, since those who dare to order, for example, a hamburger with cheese and bacon in XL, have brought them a truly giant hamburger.

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