Monday, March 20, 2023
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The 13-year-old girl was found guilty and condemned to death by hanging.

Bright Times News: Jaipur: The son of the former head of the gram panchayat found out about her love affair. He allegedly raped the 10th class girl for six-seven months for fear of informing the family. Not only that but the accused also called his friends and forced the 13-year-old girl to have sex with them. To get rid of this continuous physical and mental torture, the teenager called the rapist to a secluded field and killed him by hanging himself. The shocking incident took place in Alwar, Rajasthan. The adolescent has been committed to a juvenile detention center.

Police said the body of Bikram Yadav, son of Panchayat chief Dhaniram Yadav, was recovered from the field on May 18. Vikram, 45, is married and has two children in his twenties. The people of the house at first thought that Vikram had fallen into a state of intoxication and died. But at the last moment, they noticed that Vikram had a bruise on his neck. That’s when they suspect that Vikram has been killed. They informed the police.

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An autopsy revealed that he was a murderer. But the police could not solve the mystery even after interrogating tens of people. Investigators finally recovered a mobile phone buried under the ground from the scene. There were also torn pieces of cloth used for murder by hanging. According to the police, the mobile belongs to Vikram. It was discovered to include a recording of a conversation. That conversation was between the teenager and her boyfriend. Investigators are investigating the murder from this source.

Local Kotkasim Police Station OC Mahabir Singh said the teenager would often go to Vikram’s house to fetch water. One day the teenager wants Vikram’s mobile to call. Vikram had turned on auto recording mode on his mobile.

After talking to her boyfriend, the teenager returned the phone to Vikram. From the recording, Vikram can know about the teenager’s relationship. After that, he started blackmailing the teenager. It is alleged that he raped her in this way for the last 6-7 months. Vikram even forced her to have sex with his friends. He did not listen to the teenager’s protest. Unable to bear this torture anymore, the girl plotted to kill Vikram. On May 17, the teenager killed Vikram by calling him to the field while intoxicated.

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Mahabir said that several cases have been filed against Vikram and his three friends under various sections including Poker. However, the three friends are still returning.

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