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Sushmita Sen’s Brother Rajiv on His Relationship with Lalit Modi: I Didn’t Know At All, ‘My Sister Hasn’t Confirmed It Yet’

Bright Times News: On Thursday, July 14, IPL creator and former president Lalit Modi revealed his relationship with Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen, a former Miss Universe. Everyone was taken aback when they shared adorable photos of the newlyweds and made their announcement. Sardinia and the Maldives were recently visited.

Rajeev Sen, Sushmita’s brother, has spoken out about their relationship since he was also taken aback by it. “I’m also happy to be surprised. I’ll discuss this with my sister.” According to reports, Rajiv and Charu Asopa are divorcing each other.

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Lalit Modi had previously shared a collection of ten photos with Sushmita, saying, “Sharing the photos on Instagram, he said, “After a dizzying globe tour in London with #maldives #sardinia families – my # Not to mention looking better pal @sushmitasen47 – a fresh start and a new life. About the moon. Marriage isn’t a sign of love yet. However, one that will only happen by God’s grace. We just became official because I said so.

Sushmita announced the arrival of “Goddess Lakshmi home, right before Diwali” to her followers and family on Instagram after Rajeev and Charu received their first child, a baby girl, in November 2021.

The actress from Main Hoon Na posted a photo of herself taken in the hospital. She may be seen smiling in the photos while donning a scrub and pointing her hands in the direction of the heart. He captioned the image, “Prayer answered. Just before Diwali, Lakshmi appears! It’s a female! Congratulations to Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa! She is real! My auntie was born this morning. So joyful.

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