Special announcement for ration card holders! The great good news in the Yogi Sarkaar

    Ration Card: Special announcement for ration card holders! The great good news in the Yogi kingdom

    Bright Times News: Ration Card: Great news for ration card holders. If a person has a ration card, this news is going to be important for him. The Center has given good news to the Antyodaya ration card holders. It has been decided on behalf of the Yogi government that Ayushman cards will be made for free treatment of Antyodaya card holders. A special publicity campaign will also be launched at community health Centers to create the card. The Center aims to make Ayushman Card for families who have Antyodaya cards.

    The campaign will run until July 20

    Jan Suvidha Kendra has been instructed to introduce this facility. It has been informed that one can apply for AAY . Antyodaya Ration Card or Ayushman Card. All Antyodaya ration card holders have been asked to apply for this Ayushman card on behalf of the Yogi Government. The operation will be carried out at the district level till July 20.

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    How to apply for this Ayushman card?

    A ration card holder still did not have Ayushman cards. The application process is expected to be completed by July 20. In Uttar Pradesh, those who have ANY . Antyodaya Ration Card can get Ayushman Card for their family by visiting a public service Center, community health Center, private hospital, or district hospital linked with an Ayushman panel.

    The Yogi government is going to give the benefit of this Ayushman card to the Antyodaya card holders so that the AAY ration card holders do not have to travel from one hospital to another for treatment. It is learned that officials in different districts have already been instructed in this regard.

    Who the gets AAY ration card?

    This Antyodaya ration card is given to families living below the poverty line. In this card every month the beneficiaries are given food items like rice, wheat, and flour at very low prices. Each cardholder gets 35 kg of wheat and rice. The price of wheat is 3 rupees per kg and the cardholder has to pay 2 rupees for rice.

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