‘Sita’ Dipika Chikhlia’s reaction to ‘Adipurush’ teaser ‘must maintain the intent with which Valmiki wrote Ramayan’

    'Sita' Dipika Chikhlia's reaction to 'Adipurush' teaser 'must maintain the intent with which Valmiki wrote Ramayan'

    Bright Times News: Dipika Chikhlia, who portrayed Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana on television, has commented on the Adipurush teaser starring Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the film, and since the recent release of the trailer, internet users have been discussing it.

    The film became the subject of controversy after the 1.46-minute clip was made public because of how Ravana and Hanuman were portrayed, as well as because of the poor visual effects. On Twitter, several hashtags urging a boycott of the movie have also gained traction. Dipika, meanwhile, disagreed with the Adipurush teaser.

    Dipika Chikhlia on Aadipurush teaser

    According to Dipika Chikhlia, who disapproved of the Adipurush teaser, “Ramayana with Visual effects” is a thing. The actress added during an interview with India Today, “I’ve seen the Adipurush teaser. The Ramayana, in my opinion, is a tale of morality and truth. My personal opinion is that the Ramayana has nothing to do with visual effects.”

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    Adipurush teaser got trolled over Hanuman’s look

    Adipurush and Lord Hanuman from Ramanand Sagar’s serial Ramayana are also being compared. Hanuman is portrayed by actor Devdatta Gajanan Nage in Adipurush. Internet users have asserted that Hanuman’s appearance in the movie is comparable to Islamic garb.

    Criticism was also leveled at the portrayal of Hanuman, who was seen wearing leather clothing and sporting a beard but no mustache. Regarding the matter, Dipika commented, “If that is the case, then I think that the goal that Valmiki and Tulsidas had while composing the epic, should be maintained because it is an asset of our country. However, seeing how the teaser, I could not figure out much about Hanuman’s outfit.

    Om Raut’s reaction to Adipurush trolling

    Om Raut, the director of Adipurush, says he is “disheartened” by the response to the teaser. “The film is intended for a larger media, so I was discouraged but not shocked. You can reduce it to some level, but you can’t reduce it to a cell phone since that’s a situation outside of my control.

    If given the option, I would never have uploaded it to YouTube, but it is necessary at this time. We must place it there to ensure that a large audience sees it “At the media preview of the movie’s 3D teaser on Tuesday, Raut told reporters.

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