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SIM card cleaning: Dirt in the SIM, could be a network problem! How to keep clean

Bright Times News: Most mobile phone users own smartphones. As a result, any work can be done very easily. But if there is no network on the phone then you have to face the ultimate problem. Because if there is no network, the internet service is completely unavailable.

IoT (Internet of Things) cannot do any work. Without the internet, the smartphone is completely useless. It is not possible to do anything except call. Therefore, to keep the smartphone always smart, some simple rules need to be followed. One of the most important they are to keep the SIM card of the phone clean.

Why is it necessary to keep the smartphone SIM card clean?

Dirt accumulates on the SIM card due to various reasons. Dust enters the phone in many ways. That dirt or dust accumulates on the SIM card. This can lead to various problems. What could be the problem? Dirt on the SIM card causes connection problems. And as a result, the same, phone signal appears weak. Due to which problems arise while calling or using the net.

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Which models need to keep SIM clean?

Every phone that has a physical SIM card needs to keep the SIM clean. SIM must be opened and cleaned at regular intervals. However, many phones currently have E-SIM facilities. So there is no need to keep the SIM clean.

How to clean?

There are several methods for sim cleaning. They need to be followed. Only then you can easily clean the SIM card of your phone. Know how to keep your SIM card clean-

First, remove the SIM from the phone

Usually, every smartphone has a SIM card slot on the side. You can easily remove the SIM card from the phone by using any SIM ejector tool. But if the phone is a little old, you have to open the back panel of the phone and take out the SIM. In that case, the battery of the phone should be opened. And only then you can open the SIM card.

What are the ways to keep it clean? There are some simple ways to keep the SIM card of the phone clean. Among, you can clear your SIM card in any one of the ways according to your convenience.

Use of non-conductive spray

There are Non Conductive sprays for cleaning electronics products. One of the most popular them is WD40. You can clean your phone’s SIM with any such liquid.

Alcohol use-

You can clean the phone’s SIM card with any liquid that contains 90-99 percent alcohol. You can clean it with the type of cleaning alcohol found in the first aid box. You can clean the SIM card using cotton or a clean cloth.

Gold Guard Pen is used to keep various electronic products clean. It can clean any electronics product very well.

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