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Shops were forced to raise their prices: these are the most expensive gifts this Christmas


this year the intelligent man why Santa Claus They’re going to have a bit more work to do when it comes to deciding on one gift or the other, because as confirmed by the final CPI data for the month of November, which we know this morning,Life is 6.8% more expensive, So it’s time to compare and more. Today we would like to look at some of the products that are given the most on these dates, such as cologne, cosmetics or jewelry and costume jewellery, which INE data has grown by just over 10% on average over the past year, “The thing that has risen the most are diamonds, their price has continued to rise since the war in Ukraine. And, subsequently, metals are similar. both gold and silver are on the rise, Therefore, we are keeping the attractiveness at the maximum, but the raw material is getting higher”. These were the words of Dionisio, a jeweler from a store in Zamora, who spoke in Mediodia COPE about this initial increase in prices of this type .Since the beginning of the year of products, Most commonly offered jewelery in the form of earrings, pendants, rings or bracelets became costlier between 12% to 15%,

What is behind these uploads?

Scenario of uncertainty would be the word we are looking for. And we already know that with the war in Ukraine this scenario became destabilizing. what’s going on? this kind of Active Gold, silver or precious stones – considered a haven for investment, this increases demand and with it the price. as he tells us Dionisiowho else Worth noting is who enters your business without doing so after three or four years.: “Perhaps you put off buying in three or four years and then again you buy a chain with a gold medallion, for example, the one that you notice a lot. Notice the huge increase. gold is doubleDionysus claimed.

Another gift that makes a lot is watches, Statistically, the increase has been very moderate. a watch It will cost us about 2% more than last year, there are christmas gifts in the stars too Perfumes, fragrances and cosmetics, which according to various consultants would have become more expensive by about 12% in the third quarter of the year. Carmen is the manager of a perfumery in Montilla, in Córdoba, and she tells us that beauty creams have increased the most, especially those that come from America. “There are brands that are has been forced to go for a huge price hike, I have also observed that growth has been uneven depending on the origin of the firm. The American firms that we distribute to are huge compared to the European firms,” ​​said Carmen.

Too, A signature cream has increased by 20 euros, the price of which has gone from 95 to 115 euros., also added the seller. However, perfumes have maintained prices beyond the price hike that manufacturers always do in March. In this case it can cost us about 4 or 5 euros more than a year ago. but in this Perfume for 50 or 60 euros and above is not particularly noticeable to the customer, Another thing is what happens next year: “I know there are a number of manufacturers who are having problems in terms of certain raw materials and packaging and then distribution, and I’m expecting significant growth for the coming year.” But, for now, both Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men will have it easy in the world of perfumery,” he continued.

Every child’s favorite gift: toys, 5% more expensive than a year ago, the figures tell us. and another thing that is given away a lot are Men’s Clothing, These have fallen by a little more than one-tenth compared to November last year. Ties or sweaters will cost us 1% less than last year. 0.8% are cheap Women’s Clothing, But we must not forget that we are talking about the prices collected by INE in November. And we already had offers and discounts on the occasion of the Black Friday campaign. In short, everything is more expensive and we have to see what we can save.

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