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She refused to give up her seat to a mother with a child, the hostess intervened and everyone applauded her attitude


Michel exposed to a new state of chaos by the board don’t want to leave the plane seat a woman carrying her young son, Apparently their journey got a little awkward when A woman asked him to vacate his place To make your child sit. The traveler tried to help her in every way possible, but when this was not possible, the applicant attacked her and made a scandal in which the hostess had to intervene.

The case is about a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, where Michelle and her husband were going for a honeymoon. Shortly before take off, A mother approached him to request and found another asana to fulfill his wishDespite the fact that the woman had not bought a ticket for her son as she could carry him in her arms, she could not find him.

Mother thought it appropriate to ask him to give her a free seat next to her if she needed it in the five hours to come. “Usually with young children, you don’t have to pay for a seat for them, they can just sit on their parents’ lap, but She wanted me to have her seat so she wouldn’t have to carry it for five hours, I hesitated because I was sitting next to my husband and I didn’t want to get up, but I also felt bad because his baby was restless,” the passenger said on her TikTok account @michelleag12.

He responded like this when asked to leave the plane seat

unwillingly Michelle decides to help the woman: “The flight was ready to take off. I got up and saw that there was one seat left in the back row of the plane, in the last row,” he said. walked towards that person; However, the result was not favorable: “There was a man sitting there and I went up to him and asked if I could sit on the free seat, but he explained that he had reserved two seats for him so that no one would sit next to him.”

So he had to return to his native place. for the moment, Mother and child were already fully settled: “I told the lady there are no empty seats and she had already put the baby down and took out all her stuff including breakfast and blankets and everything. She got mad at me. She didn’t want to move her baby and I had to call a hostess And tell him what was going on. The hostess told her that she would have to remove her things as they were in my seat.

Traveling by plane brings unexpected experiences, such as requesting a change of seatunsplash

After the flight attendant left with Michelle, During the journey, the woman created a scandal and an uncomfortable atmosphere, According to the victim, during the five-hour flight she endured his reckless and reckless attitude.

She later went viral on social media for telling her story and received several shows of support from other users: “You did more than enough. I don’t know why some people feel so entitled”; “You’re so kind Especially since it was not your job to ask. He should have asked her to make things easier for you”, he left her.


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