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She moved to the United States, started cleaning houses and today she is a businessman and a successful TikToker: “My American Dream”.


monica ruizzo Arrived from Mexico to the United States with a suitcase full of his dreamsExpectations and a lot of uncertainty about what their future holds in that country.

when installed in San Antonio, Texas never thought she’d set up her own home cleaning company there. Very rarely it will become a celebrity in social networks.

Mexican He told LA NACION how he managed to make his company prosperousWhat he liked most about living in the United States and gave some recommendations for those who want to enter this business.

According to what he told in his network, he currently cleans five houses a day and can earn $200 for a job of less than two hours. Although it was not always like this: “Earlier, I used to clean only one house myself in a day”, Told. You now have many assistants bringing your services to many homes, places and offices. “My American Dream” Abbreviation.

Mexican Monica Ruiz has been cleaning homes and offices for years@moniruiz78/TikTok

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, when many people lost their jobs and the whole world went through an economic crisis, Monica decides not to sit idly by and looks for alternatives to move on, She saw an opportunity for growth in social networks: “So I decided to do it after I saw that many women were successful in building their own company. Throw it was thanks to tiktok,

He took inspiration from other people Start promoting yourself on different platforms where Americans requested cleaning of houses and Slowly he made his customers, It’s still a small company, he said, but every day it leaves with the feeling and hope that people trust and recommend his work,

The pandemic and TikTok not only gave him an idea to improve his economic condition, but They gave him the opportunity to create other jobs For the more Latina immigrants who are now part of their small business. Also, to give back what she learned on the social network, she decided to share tips about her experience in each of the content she uploaded to TikTok.

Tiktok Totally Fell In Love With America And Now He Has His Whole Life In That Country
Tiktok totally fell in love with America and now he has his whole life in that countryCourtesy Monica Ruizzo

In his account @moniruiz78 every day he publishes anecdotes, tips and even personal experiences that accompany him while cleaning houses. So far The video has more than 730 thousand followers and more than 15 million “likes” on the platform. However, she does not consider herself a TikTok star, but seeks Become a “friend” of their virtual community.

Ruiz thus became a mentor to many foreigners who follow him by sharing his tips for success under the argument that “The sun shines for everyone”. And that’s what she believes, as she tells Countrywhat There are many job opportunities for all people in USASo he did not hesitate to give them his formula to reiterate his case.

He told how he made $200 in the US in less than 24 hours.

“You don’t need to study. Many people like me have the opportunity to achieve success… CAnyone knows how to wipe, sweep, shake and wash the bathroom”, he insisted.

Even if she came with some “privileges”, He was always clear that to achieve his goals he would have to try harder than the rest, Unlike many of her compatriots, Monica did not enter the United States illegally, but has been a US resident since the age of 13,

At The Age Of Thirteen, Monica Left Her Homeland To Emigrate To The United States.
At the age of thirteen, Monica left her homeland to emigrate to the United States.Courtesy Monica Ruizzo

Moni, as his followers affectionately refer to him, confirms that He never experienced situations of discrimination because of his country of origin, barring one occasion. “A man in a shop spoke to me in English thinking I didn’t know what he was saying, he asked me to go back to his country, but in 30 years it’s only been one person“, They told.

Soon after, he confirms that he “loves” the way North Americans are; “The people are very kind, very friendly. Everyone greets you, everyone talks to you without any problems”, he confirms and immediately remembers a small difference with his childhood in Mexico: “There your neighbors are like your family, and here in the United States they are not. It is rare for neighbors to invite each other to parties, to get to know each other more deeply”.

In Her Spare Time, Monica Runs
In her spare time, Monica runsCourtesy Monica Ruizzo

La Tiktoker He also says that he found love not once but twice in his new country. after getting From her daughter’s father, today she is in a relationship again, with whom she shares her love of running.

“You always have to give up your heart in everything we do”, It’s time to give final advice to the many Latino women fighting for their dreams and goals.

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