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She moved to Miami and while driving listed the things that impressed her the most: “It’s the jungle”


issa moreno There’s a Spaniard who moved to Miami, Florida And like other foreigners, had trouble adjusting to their new way of life,

This is very common due to new traditions, language, dress and acting, but what surprised him the most was american way of driving, Therefore, he decided List all the complications you may face while riding in your vehicle.

Spaniard is a content creator and for a few months he focused on showing his life in the North American country. started with all kinds of surprises What he took for granted in the early days and now talks about something more than usual in his new home: driving on the streets.

Isaac commented that “People are going to get ahead of you where they can and where they can. It’s okay if there are flaws, and if not.This is why it is always recommended that all drivers be prepared to act quickly in the event of a force majeure by another motorist. ,always expect the worst”, he advised.

Young Spanish woman lists out the things that surprised her the most while driving in Miami, Florida

When he started traveling North American countries in his car, he looked for traffic lights on the front of the road to know when to proceed, but it was precisely this detail that caught his attention: the sign is opposite the roadSo from the first impression you need to know how to find it so as not to make a mistake.

in the United States, Spain doesn’t usually have many roundabouts, a country where they are very common and recurring, according to tiktoker. “There is a stop for everyone and you must stop… VIt operates on a first come, first served basis, so it is a jungle.”Stressed about my experience in Florida.

Moreno was also thrown out of class by the fact that People can cross a stop, as long as they go to the right of their lane, That is, if they come to a traffic light but the light is red, they can turn if they are in the last turn lane. All they have to do is make sure that all pedestrians have passed and there are no other vehicles, similar to “constant turn” signs.

In this case, the young woman took this opportunity to point out that drivers usually don’t use their turn signals to indicate which direction they’ll be turning: “The planets align and so he uses blinkers”He said that in his video (@issamc22) a truck was seen moving with this light on.

TikTok showed how traffic lights are located in Florida@Issamc22/TikTok

“Filling a tank is cheaper in cash than by card”warned tiktoker and then commented that Still not getting used to the fact that the price of gasoline differs from that of its country of origin Since in the United States it is set in gallons and not liters.

This vehicle identification plate is different for each state, but ISA found it very strange that Don’t Keep a Front License Plate in Florida, As he said, cars They have it only on the rear bumper.


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