Monday, March 20, 2023
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Sharad Pawar expects that the state’s government will fall once more within six months.


Bright Times News: NCP chief Sharad Pawar has predicted the new Maharashtra government in advance. The Eknath Shinde government will fall in six months, claims the NCP chief. The NCP chief hinted at a party meeting that the Maharashtra Assembly elections could be held as a result of discontent within a section of the Shinde camp.

Eknath Shinde has been sitting on a chair in Maharashtra for just a few days. NCP leader Sharad Pawar made a prognostication about how long the new government would last. Power sat in a meeting with top leaders, including the party MLA, on Sunday to discuss the current situation in Maharashtra.

At the meeting, the NCP chief made a sensational claim that the Shinde government would fall in the next six months. The number of rebels will also increase after the formation of the cabinet. It will result in the government’s downfall. One NCP leader quoted Power as saying. He appealed to everyone to be ready for that untimely election.

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Speculations have already been made about this prediction of Sharad Pawar. It is reported that BJP leader and former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis was one of the masterminds of the fall of Uddhav Thackeray. Fadnavis was anticipated to succeed the coalition government as chief minister. But with a surprise, Eknath Shinde was finally installed in the Chief Minister’s chair.

The BJP’s supporters, especially Devendra Fadnavis, did not like it. Fadnavis initially balked at taking an oath in his capacity as deputy chief minister. The opposition camp did not stop criticizing this. It is said that Fadnavis was demoted. Therefore, informed quarters think that there is a suppressed anger in the camp of the former Chief Minister and the present Deputy Chief Minister. Part of the Chief Minister’s camp is angry with him.

Despite rebelling against Uddhav, many are reportedly unwilling to play the Shiv Sena disintegration game. Besides, the way the BJP has unilaterally won the speaker’s seat has also created anger in the Shinde camp.

In this situation, additional pressure has been put on Shinde to form a cabinet. If he does not get a place in the cabinet, then none of his MLAs is raising the fear of a new revolt. Besides, there is pressure from BJP. Rumor has it that Shinde’s condition is now like that of a conch saw.

This is not the end. Because the fate of 16 MLAs including Chief Minister Shinde may be decided in the Supreme Court on July 11. If the verdict goes in favor of Shine, then there is no problem. But if we go against the verdict, a new constitutional crisis may arise in Maratha politics.

As has been seen in the past, the minority government has not long supported the majority party at the center or in the states. The Chandrasekhar administration at the federal level is the best illustration of this. Despite the Congress having helped Chandrasekhar form the government, the Congress withdrew its backing later, and the government was overthrown.

At present, there is a cold relationship between Nitish and BJP in Bihar. The big danger for Shine is Fadnavis ‘s gossip. Whether the NPC chief’s forecasts come true in the end is still an open question.

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